Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Life, My Only Exception

Thanks to sweet Risma’s inspiring post, I had a sudden urge of molesting my keyboard again. I’m sitting alone in front of the LCD thinking it’s a wonder how technology can fool you so easily sometimes, tearing you apart between virtual reality and practical reality - “So alone yet not so alone”. This has brought me into the thoughts of - If only my life is a Microsoft Word.

If only my life is as powerful as a Microsoft Word, I can start everyday new without having to think about yesterday and tomorrow. I can digitize all my encounters into a new blank document everyday and when I don’t like it, I’ll close it without saving. That’s right, if I don’t like you, pooooh, You, out of my life, NOW! And yeah, if I like you, I’ll make you my wallpaper. (After some Photoshop effect that is =p)

If only my life is as flexible as a MW, I will make fonts bigger where they are supposed to be big and make fonts smaller where they are supposed to be small. If only we can have what we imagined, the world will be wonderful yet chaotic. Anyway I just realized that there is this ‘Asian text font’ named ‘Batang’, and it really looks kinda small. Fortunately my most frequently used font is a ‘Wide Latin’, where it is seen as wide, bold and huge.

If only my life is as wonderful as a MW, I would like to have the ‘redo’ button. Project failed, redo it. Problem unsolved, resolve it. Sucky relationship, rebuild it. It is the lack of courage to keep on trying again that kept me thinking, what would life be if we don’t try anything hard enough. Even if you succeed in your first attempt, well, try something harder, you will be rewarded. I don’t want the ‘undo’ button because if we can undo everything, there will be no mistakes. How can we learn to be better if there is no mistake? We can learn 10 times more from a mistake than from a success. Been there done that.

Be grateful for what we have; Don’t be afraid to make mistake. Heard so many people say these over and over again but still not grateful, still afraid of mistakes. So what shall we do?

Write your own life! Don’t be a Adobe Reader, be a Microsoft Word.


-- oyoie -- said...

i likey, likey, likey~!!! Dun stop writing k... =)

kerbaurider said...

Abang, no undo how to redo? When there are no villains, there could be no heroes, when there is no day, night will not follow, ying yang symbol also must have black and white counterparts. Things come in pairs, whether you like it or not, you need undo to redo.

Good things come in pairs.