Friday, April 23, 2010

Mixed Feeling

I am usually effing piss off about morons who conveniently please themselves at others’ expense. I hate people taking the shuttle and stop to buy breakfast, making everyone wait as if we are being paid to wait for them to satisfy their pathetic appetite. Go effing get yourself another shuttle and move on! I have my schedule to keep and jobs to be done. I have people watching over my progress and waiting for my contribution. I would be screwed for not having contributed enough. Would you be fucked up if you will just get down the shuttle, buy your breakfast, get another shuttle, and leave me alone? No you won’t, I will.

But again, what rights do I have to ask people to do as I say? Maybe I was being a little too impatience, a little too angry or stressed up. Too stressed up for barely meeting your expectations. Now, should I try to please everyone, make everybody happy or be myself, at my own pace and make myself happy? The answer is obviously the former option. Make everyone happy or at least try. Or perhaps, make the right person happy. It’s the only way you can survive in this corporate world. I’ve seen it so many times and it’s proven. If you’re naive enough to believe you should just be in your own world foolishly pleasing yourself, doing whatever you want, then I will see you on your way down.

I recognize exactly the problem but my problem is failing to act on the problem, knowing the consequences and downfalls. Since the obvious option is no longer a viable option, I shall go for the latter. Anyone not happy with me being happy deserve my finger. Right at your face! I am appreciative, I really do. I do appreciate a few individuals who care to share and didn’t care to frown when I fucked up. You threw me into the wild ocean but with life jacket provided. You’re so much better than them who threw me into the water with nothing on and then spitted on me. One day when I would finally make my way out from the water I’m gonna force these people to swallow my spit.

The choice of words might indicate I’m being very emotional at the moment but no, it’s not true. This is the calmness before storm and it’s more evil than the storm itself. How evil? I don’t know but people used to say if you keep working with people of the same gender, your testosterone amplifies and that makes you aggressive and easily irritated by the simplest things. Perhaps this was the true cause to why I lose my temper on two poor guys that morning. I was in a quarrel with two guys which lasted for about 5 minutes. The contents? Nevermind but the moral of the story is: I was right, they were wrong. Surprisingly I felt good after that. Maybe I should do it more often then.

I realized this is one of my rants that I probably will be deleting in the near future. But again, who cares? As long as I’m happy.


Wei Shen said...

Lol...yeah one day I'm also gonna force certain people to swallow my spit, in the corporate world.

kerbaurider said...

I am swallowing somebody's leftover shit.

KEEFOO LEE said...

welcome to corporate world..where golfers is ahead of everybody else.

and hitch-riding at somebody's expense is rampant.

who's gonna start? ping me

Crystal Hew said...

hahahah..oh well what's new.. Im waiting for Petronas's approval for more than 2 months! SOme of you are working too slow...

Shern Shiou said...

I would try my best to not involved in those corporate world. The more you are like them, the more you loose your faithful friend around. Hopefully not somebody in our gang.