Sunday, January 31, 2010

A weekend to forget everything

I had a great weekend. A great weekend to forget everything. A lot of worries, a lot of quarrels and a lot of misunderstanding. Reaching for the phone, I can’t hide anymore. Do all the stupid things and forget the world. Tomorrow I’ll start fresh again.


A lot of worries. A lot of quarrels. A lot of misunderstanding. Now there are all gone.


*Et ducit mundum per luce. Lead the world by light. I’m waiting for Angels and Airwaves 3rd album, Love to debut on the Valentine’s day, aka CNY. The first and second, We Don’t Need to Whisper and I-Empire were just fantastic.


kerbaurider said...

this world just keeps misunderstanding us, don't they?

Edwin Si said...

hahah..r u referring to me? snaky zhu?

Crystal Hew said...

hey ed! hope u feel better now...take one thing at a time and always look at things half full!

do take care :)

- eRiCa - said...

sorry to go off topic but .. my name's eriCa with a C, not a K. ish. haha