Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fly Me to Kuching

That's it, I'm going back to Kuching. More than 3 years I've been away and I'm sure the city is quite different now. I said I'll be going back and this is it, I bought my air ticket. At least I kept my word. Will be in Kuching from 18 December until 27 December. So, there goes my remaining 4 days annual leave. Completely and perfectly utilized.

By the way, I'm officially a Sarawakian now. Got the 'K' thing on the bottom right corner of my IC. If you are a Sarawakian, you'll see the alphabet 'K' on the bottom right; Sabahan, you'll see a 'H'; for peninsularian, shitless. Now I don't have to use my blue or red passport whenever I travel. Don't need work permit either. The best part is, I have only discovered the existence of 'K' after 10 years. I've been using the blue passport going in and out Sarawak for the past 10 years without realizing that I actually don't have to. Thank you immigration officers for being so quiet.

Now I truly understand that sometimes, we were too busy looking for things that we thought we wanted, but what we really needed has been there, right next to us all along.


Crystal Hew said...

enjoy your holiday! as for me...no taking leaves this month..aarrgghh! :(

Benedicta*C_J said...

Hey! Wana meet up? wat time u will be in kch on the 18? I will fly to sabah the nex day come back on 27dec but don know wat time, the ticket is with my mom..hahaha..

Edwin Si said...

kl...don't forget to rest..health more important..and 'exercise'

i just checked carol...i'll arrive at around 10.30am in the morning on 18 december. sempat to meet up?

Benedicta*C_J said...
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Benedicta*C_J said...

wrong date, i tot i fly on the 18, yes, sempat..;)..wer r u staying in kch?

Crystal Hew said...

need to fine a partner for the 'exercise'...searching searching..hehe :P