Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Season's this time of the year again. December... I want to fully enjoy and appreciate you. Although I have not been working hard for the past few months, I will continue to relax on my special December.

I will bring a fish to my office this week, as a sign of boredom and lepakness. But who's gonna take care of my fish when I go holidaying? Janitors?

Although I suck at basketball, I'm trying hard to dribble around and shooting 3 pointers. As for badminton which I'm slightly good at, I have stopped for a while. I don't know why.

This few months have been very peaceful for me. No travelling, no anything...nothing. I guess I'll continue to stay faithfully in this quiet town at least for another 3 months.


Crystal Hew said...

huhu peaceful life is good! got more time to do something hows life in bintulu so far?

Edwin Si said...

life's good...peaceful and lovely. too bad u're not here

Crystal Hew said...

yeah i know you misses me :P soon soon will arrange a date to come meet u all up! i better save some money first!

Edwin Si said...

u save money to come here? plz la...u no need to save la..just take ur 1 day salary also enough to come here

Crystal Hew said...

haha pls..i got no money so many debts :(