Sunday, August 23, 2009


I didn't update my blog for 3 months. A lot of life changing events since then. 

First the economic crisis. It took place just when I was just about to start looking for job and I was jobless for 6 months, was =). The first 5 months was so fun I didn't even bother. It was when one bye one, your friends started to leave 'the league of jobless men and women' (the president = weizhu) and you started to feel alone and desperate.

Second the mental breakdown. Jobless for 6 months was not easy, although I enjoyed a big part of it. Just when I was about to have a mental breakdown, I received an offer letter out of sudden. This offer letter has made all the difference for me. I had never been so effing happy. With all the happiness in the world I opened my offer letter and then there was only 1 word which escape my mouth. "Fudge".

Third, Bintulu. Ok, the next thing I know I was on my way to Bintulu. When I arrived at Bintulu Airport, I looked to my left, forest. Then I looked to my right, effing forest too! And then, there was the haze. The smell was so bad I wore my face mask to sleep. I'm not joking. To be continue... next entry should be about my experience and encounters in Bintulu.


KEEFOO LEE said...

go to zoo more often. i hope zhia howe, jess or hun pin will be kind enuf to bring u there.

maybe u can buy a big camera or go fishing more often?

SHEN: said...

left forest...right forest...behind forest...front lakia.

weizhu said...

I was the president siot ...

and I called for the daily online conference on gtalk @ 1pm.

KEEFOO LEE said...

I must touch down in Bintulu to really feel the place.

i googled bintulu and ..

"Some remnants of natural rainforest still exist near Bintulu despite the impact of the booming logging industry and the gradual encroachment of plantations, principally of oil palm and pulpwood, the latter mainly comprising various species of acacia and eucalyptus."

Benedicta*C_J said... i understand how u feel when u r jobless..ppl keep on asking me especially the old people m i working oledi, i can still accept that, but when ppl stat to lecture me saying i sud stat lookin for job, bla bla really drive me nuts! i hate it when ppl tend to think they know about life bttr than any1 else, ol i can say, everyone live on a diff life, so what they do is of cos diff from each other. wow..i'm lecturing here! :P

linghooi said...

omg! you're in bintulu?!?!
awaiting details in your next entry~~
take care ya!!

Edwin Si said...

zh, jess and hp if u all r reading this, PLEASE BRING ME TO THE ZOO!!!

go to work: left lakia right lakia behind lakia front zhowe

carol, don feel stress yet. enjoy life first, stress later

remember to buy me lots of souvenirs from portugal for me, hooi

Benedicta*C_J said...

no stress no stress...hahaha...i just feel stress that ppl ask me to do a lot of things since i'm so 'eng'.

joel said...

oh shit....u are in bintulu? are u telling the truth? (sound like im the only one get shock). hehehe:)after so long, u still need to go back there like my favourite movie story line "Back to the Future" But, this time around, urs is "Back to the Jungle" ....hahaha. Its urs faith liao somehow rather:P
Keep ur treat for me when i come over visit u next time.

p/s: Happy Bintuzation.

Edwin Si said...

waaa back to the future..r u saying that i will be in bintulu for a very long time???@!

kniod said...

wahaha..x habes2 zoo... please suggest some new activities to petronas in bintulu,like ask them to make a bungee jump ker..

KEEFOO LEE said...

yes go to zoo..
or go fishing..
or take more photos..


p/s : no tall building in bintulu. knot bungee jump~

Edwin Si said...

xxx: where r u from?
me: im from johor
xxx: ya ka?
me: yes
xxx: really?
me: but i live in kuching for 10 years
xxx: ooooooooo, no wonder la. ur face tells me u come from sarawak
me: ... (knnmcb)

zhiahowe said...

i regretted bringing edwin out more!

Edwin Si said...

lol..janganlah macam tu

KEEFOO LEE said...

aiya..brothers gaduh2 a bit oni la..normal la.

zhiahowe, edwin. dun gaduh. both of u are brothers! if u all two gaduh again, papa hunpin aka ayah pin will rotan u two!