Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow last week

Somewhere over the rainbow last week, I was riding on the clouds and having a cup of tea with my friends. They were riding on clouds too, some were big (mine) but some were just teeny-weeny small clouds (wz). The breeze was comforting and I realized that it was just a perfect evening for yet another get-together with my friends.

First I saw Ina. She was wearing pink, riding on pink clouds and gosh, her face was so pinkish. She wore an unusually happy smile on her face, as if she was falling in love with someone. I greeted her and she said she had a question for me. She asked: "Isn't love all about letting go when you need to as long as the person that you love is happy and you are happy knowing that he or she is happy?" Well, I said no. She asked me why and I replied "just don't let go."

And then there was Caroline, after Ina left. She told me she was putting on some weight and she was upset. I said: "You can't be fat because I have always known you to be a slim girl and furthermore, if you have put on weight, you couldn't possibly be riding on the clouds. You definitely would have fallen to the earth!" She said it makes sense and went away with a smile.

Then I met WeiZhu! He dashed to me with his tiny cloud and fancy me with his FM Modulators. His face was kind of blushed and he couldn't stop talking about his monologue with the postman who was supposed to deliver the petronas letter so I bet he must have messed with the Heinekens again. I was confirmed when I saw him spinning 3 rounds with his tiny cloud. After 3 minutes of extreme happiness, his mood suddenly fall off the cliff. He started weeping and screaming "why we always cannot get what we want?!" Sensing his desperation, I simply replied "If you want something, just go for it, for hesitation and holding back will only give you regrets." He nodded and flew away with his green bottles.

I saw a small group of clouds below me. Then I smelled something shitty. Only then I had came to realized that the small group of clouds were not clouds, they were KeeFoo's inhalation from his ciggies. So I greeted him and then I don't know what happened, we were suddenly talking about Korea. North Korea was lack of food, famine was serious. South Korea was full with McDonald's and Coca-cola vending machines. We agreed that no single country merchandised with McDonald's and Coke has ever attacked the United States of America.

While talking with KeeFoo, we met two smocking sizzling hot girls, namely Chia Ping and Set Lee. CP asked me how can anyone differentiate a person from a North or South Korean. I replied just shout out "Kim Jong Ill" and see which guy put up his middle finger over the other person's ass. And then KeeFoo and I were just laughing enthusiastically but CP & SL just kept silence. After laughing for 10 minutes we stopped and asked CP & SL why the joke wasn't funny. To which, both CP & SL slapped me and KeeFoo on the cheek and uttered "low class!" And then there was Shen! Shen wanted to see me to find out who was the traitor that betrayed his Neverwinter Nights character. Well Shen saw CP & SL. He said "Hi CP & SL!!" To which, both CP & SL slapped Shen on the cheek from opposite direction and uttered "low class!" Shen looked at me and KeeFoo shockingly while me and KeeFoo looked at the fleeing CP & SL shockingly.

After Shen and KeeFoo left, I met with KahLing. Gosh she was so HOT!

My cup of tea somewhere over the rainbow last week was wonderful. I met and chat with Ina, Carol, WeiZhu, KeeFoo and Shen besides having some body contact with CP & SL not to mention washing my eyes over KahLing. Neverthe less, I would like to conclude: I shall pass this way but once; any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. -unknown


LovelyEyna said...

some deep stuffs we have got here... that's what i've summed up from my reading. oh, gosh... r u okay? i hope you're okay. really okay.

Edwin Si said...

hahaha im ok. nothing serious, it's the first short story i have produced, dedicated to my frens. =P

LovelyEyna said...

short??? ahahaha... maybe not so short as in short but half-short? ;p

SHEN: said...

well-written esp the koreans part lol

Crystal Hew said...

hahhaha thanks for saying im hawtt :)

Benedicta*C_J said...

u made my day. that's nice..;)..anyway, today is my final paper, i mean FINAL!! ;)...so it's a double good day..;)..thanks yo..;)

Benedicta*C_J said...

can i have ur email? send it to my hp no. u do have my no. right?

Edwin Si said...

this 1st short story of mine is kinda controversial. looking forward to my 2nd?

Benedicta*C_J said...

then show us what you got.