Saturday, February 7, 2009

2008 Malaysia Universities World Rankings

In the introductory write-up of Malaysia in The New York Times' website by Thomas Fuller, I read:
The government is reaping billions of dollars from the surge in commodity prices, mainly oil and gas and palm oil and rubber. Malaysia continues to build world-class highways and other physical infrastructure. But the quality of its universities and education system remains middling to poor.
Aren't you alarmed reading such description in an internationally renowned press? Because I am. Poor education system + weak economy condition + looming unemployment = headaches, worries, jobless, no money, no life, no fun, Rihanna ticket gone and etc.

So I simply checked out the QS World University Rankings. The ranking currently evaluates around 600 universities in the world and ranks the top 500 according to the website. The ranking receives many coverage from national and international newspaper and is generally accepted as the most widely referred top universities ranking.

The indicators to evaluate the overall position of a university:
  • academic peer review
  • employer review
  • citations per faculty member
  • student faculty ratio
  • international students
  • international faculties
Here are the top 10 rankings:

...and I was looking for universities from Malaysia. What a fool I was to start searching from Rank No. 1. After 5 agonizing minutes stretching my eyes to the limits, I caught my first fish:

University Malaya
World Ranking: 230
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 35%
Proportion of graduate employed: 97% (exclude those pursuing further study)

University Kebangsaan Malaysia
World Ranking: 250
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 8%
Proportion of graduate employed: 54%

Universiti Sains Malaysia
World Ranking: 313
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 6%
Proportion of graduate employed: 69%

Universiti Putra Malaysia
World Ranking: 320
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 10%
Proportion of graduate employed: 67%

Universiti Teknologi Malayia
World Ranking: 356
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 6%
Proportion of graduate employed: 84%

I believe only these 5 universities made it to the top 400. So how about my university? The so-called cream of the cream of the cream?

Universiti Teknologi Petronas
World Ranking: - (Not evaluated yet)
Proportion of graduate pursuing further study: 1%
Proportion of graduate employed: 100%

Cream or not cream I still do not know. But one thing for sure, let's not worry too much about unemployment my UTP friends. 100% employed is certainly not an easy target to achieve. Furthermore, not 100% of UTP students are sponsored by Petronas and not 100% Petronas sponsored students are hired by Petronas. We are demanded by the industry. Yes I know the situation is different now but other students from other Malaysia universities are having a much bigger problem looking for a job, according to the historical statistics. You can also say that there are much more self-employed big bosses from other universities than from UTP. =p

Good luck all in your job hunting. Hopefully once UTP is evaluated, we can obtain a high ranking. As a ex-UTPian, I am certainly hopeful.

p/s: Kesian you all Perakians.


KEEFOO LEE said...

UTM always boast itself as the best technological university in SEA.

but looking at the ranking made me think again.

are UTM really up to the standard?

by the way, NUS and NTU are just across the Tebrau Straits.

weizhu said...

I am so darn eager to know where is UTP placed!

joel said...

kaman,kadahan !!!

Jerom join our "Force of Frog"

Prepare to jump ship!! Abort Abort , shouted by Capt.Augustine

Edwin Si said...

utm wana be the best technological university in SEA ar? haha wait and see la...
but a malaysian chinese did get the best result in singapore right?

kesian the jelapang lady's family. wana buy sayur only also no one wana sell to them. kesian~

KEEFOO LEE said...

not "UTM wana be"'s "UTM claim to be the best tech univ in SEA"

aih i'm still jobless. a dark cloud of uncertainty is blanketing my life.

weizhu said...

but don't you think the blanket is sort of comfy? I'm under the blanket~

kniod said...

The 100% employment thingy is just one cube of sugar in the black coffee to us. =P

weizhu said...

its not 100% i m not employed yet!

Edwin Si said...

*_* the 100% thing soon to be broken by our badge

weizhu said...

lol lencana

Anonymous said...

Oh man how long ago is this thing posted? The best ranking Uni in Msia is USM and guess what? Ranked 845 in the whole world!! How come the Msian Universities in this post still got 200+ 300+ ranking? That should be at least a decad ago?

~ WindStruck ~ said...

UTP is still young...

kevin said...

hey can anyone tell me what is the ranking for politeknik in malaysia and is politeknik any good for me to study in...

utp/usm said...

hello~ i need help here.whick 1 is better? utp/usm? i'm in dilemma to chooseT__T

Edwin Si said...

it's very subjective and i believe it depends on what you want to study

Anonymous said...

why do you guys sounds so stupid?

''i'm still jobless. a dark cloud of uncertainty is blanketing my life''

It is because you have no inisiative. All you know is blaming the university for not being the best. Do you think the best university will make sure that you'll get the job?

WTH with the 'uncertainity'? It seems that you are blur...

kniod said...

Mr/Mrs anonymous, I think that you need to go back to basic English class before commenting here. oh well, on a separate note, the guy who said this "i'm still jobless. a dark cloud of uncertainty is blanketing my life"n is most probably earning twice your salary now.

Edwin Si said...

You're damn right kniod. That guy certainly earns a lot right now.

Mr. Anonymous, did we sound very stupid? I don't see anyone blaming anything here. Enlighten us please, if you're that smart.

Anonymous said...

I think it sucks!!!

There is no healthy atmosphere in Petronas University. Many students left it because of that, I was one of them.

97% of the students are Malays. These people might be friendly, but they don't talk to strangers and it's not that easy to make friends with them. Chinese go with Chinese, Malays with Malays and Indians with Indians, and every single of them hates one another.

So better choose another University.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the comment that Anonymous wrote. Myself being an international student at UTP I feel like a stranger. I cannot but 100% agree with you. The students have metamorphosed into colonies, namely Chinese, Indian and Malay. Sad to say my very batch is like that, that I avoid taking the same subjects with them as much as possible.

And it always strikes me as both shocking and despicable that these "young adults" behave thus. The university boasts that the students obtain a good grounding for future employment but it should be remembered that success in one's career, especially in the engineering field, is NOT simply based on CGPA or being on the Dean's List. It also depends on the strength of impression you make during the interview and of course the interaction and compatibility one brings to working with people from all over the world, from different cultures, backgrounds and religions.And this is lacking in the extreme in the students at UTP who are from Malaysia- their integration and acceptance of "outsiders" is at level 0. Their hostility level on the other hand is quite high. But perhaps if they seek employment only within Malaysia they might be successful but at an international level they would certainly fall back so sadly.

So my advice to anybody interested about the university will be the same as that of Anonymous- try somewhere else, it will be worth the while and you might be a lot happier during your studies rather than wishing it came to an end as soon as possible.