Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 88th Post! Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Chai, this is my 88th post! Huat Huat Huat!! Happy Chinese New Year!

For my Chinese friends, Vietnamese friends and whoever that are celebrating, I, hereby wish you and your family a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. May the year of the Ox, moooo~ brings you abundance of happiness and wisdom.

For my friends who are not celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year anyway! Enjoy your holidays, visit your Chinese friends' houses and don't forget to ask for Ang Pau when you are there. Remember, don't wear black. Wear red, if possible, everything red to bring you luck throughout the year. Yes you've heard me. Everything. I also came to know that Green and Dark Brown are good colors for this year too. So, eat more vegetables and chocolates.

I'll travel to Muar for the first few days of CNY, that's my father's side. I'll go to Penang on the 4th day of CNY. So if you happen to be in Muar and Penang on these dates, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I'll spoil you with ang pau and bloat you with mandarin oranges.

Recently, I have heard about a school donation for orphans in conjunction with Chinese New Year. Well, I simply think that this particular donation is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong. I'll explain. In a multi-racial secondary school, the headmaster is asking every Chinese teachers to donate a certain amount of money for Chinese orphans.

Isn't this little 'generous' act kinda send a wrong message and a bad example to the students? I certainly think that there should not be any boundaries when it comes to doing a good deed, not even the racial boundary. Instead, the headmaster should ask every teachers, regardless of their ethnicities, to donate for every orphans, also regardless of whether the orphan is a Chinese or a Malay or an Indian. By doing this, you are not only conveying a message that we should always help those in need, but also helping without boundaries and without conditions. Only by doing this, such help should be deemed meaningful.

Enough for the nonsense. This year, I am going to mess less with the crackers but I won't show a sign of retreat when it comes to ang pau. Below is the CNY card I have designed for you, for everyone of you:


lovelyeyna said...

yay!!! more reasons to eat chocolates! ;) hehe... i, as a teacher-to-be, agree with you. the principal should not have done this. we're a multiracial country. we should help one another regardless of our ethnicity.
p/s: yeah, run naked then. perhaps you can then compete with "biang", haha... ;p
p/p/s: i wish i was in muar as well as penang. i'd love to be showered with ang pau and "bloated" with oranges, hehe... ;p happy chinese new year! ;D

r.i.s.m.a said...

Happy cny! =)

Edwin Si said...

thanks!!! happy holidays

Benedicta*C_J said...

hey!! how come u are so excited to give out ang pao wen u r no more staying in kch o...i wan ang pao oso..

Edwin Si said...

hey carol, when u married then i give u ang pau la...

Benedicta*C_J said...

how come have to wait til i got married 1?? haha..anyway, i went visiting with our maong classmates on 3rd day. we went from yee ping house-pei chin-sze ning-pei yong-chee kang-chee fong-sze yie-mr.kho-alice-helen-sheila-clara house..but actually i went until alice house oni..hehehe..then i went off to go watch the underworld..;p