Sunday, December 28, 2008

Orchid Valley: Looked Dying to Me

Orchid Valley is the largest orchid farm in Malaysia and reputedly the largest tropical orchid farm in the world, according to It is located in Kangkar Pulai, 30km northwest of Johor Bahru.

Its 40-ha compound houses breathtaking and exotic orchids from over 80 varieties. It was 10 years ago since I last visited Orchid Valley. Things were so much different back then. In my fading memory I can still remember Orchid Valley to be a tourist hotspot crowded with visitors flowing in both from Singapore and Malaysia. When I went there in the mid of December, my family and I were practically the only group of visitors in spite of the school holiday season! Hence, I label Orchid Valley, "another dying tourist spot in Malaysia"!

Since the place was pretty empty, it was the perfect moment for some serious photo-shootings. Near 100 photos have been taken using Sony DSC W170. They were handpicked and edited for your indulgence. - p/s: Especially the last photo

... and this is my favourite


Dezmond said...

OMG! you blog too!! haha.. Happy New Year bro haha! I'm so gonna link u man ;)

Noor Aslinda Binti Abu Seman said...

hye..wanna ask u somethg..
did u get the brochure during ur visit??
means that the brochure about orchid valley..
plz give ur respond....

A. Farihah Jeffrey said...

the dying orchid valley confirmed dead.

we enthusiatically looked for it 18th jan 2017. its no more an orchid valley.

Edwin Si said...

Thanks for the confirmation