Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution: Stop the Bloodshed, Time for Peace

I have just thought that you guys would be interested in this.

As we are bidding goodbye to 08, it has became a realization and a wake up call to many that 2009 poses even more challenges and turmoils than it already is in the 08. The world economy is facing a tough time since the Great Depression, if not the worst slump. With a plummeting consumer confidence index in the developed world and many of them were suffering with successive recessions, the financial tsunami is inevitably hitting many countries. 

We see a record high unemployment in USA and China, insufficient crop yields in Australia of nearly only 2% due to severe draughts linked to global warming, uncontrolled growth of population in India, a draggy credit crunch, eventual falling of too-big-to-fail financial institutions like Lehman Brothers, commodities prices went bungy jump, terrorist attack in Mumbai and nevertheless, issues related to the environment.

Evidently as it seems, there are just way too much for us to worry. The world has had too many problems waiting to be solved. We already had enough problems, please don't create more.

Nevertheless, it's going to be 2009. Let's do a good deed by joining me in signing this petition demanding for peace in Southern Israel. It has been decades.


SHEN: said...

u cant stop wars. when there's ppl, there'll be wars .. its in the history of mankind

Edwin Si said...

rumor has it that if theres a war in the middle east, oil price will certainly shoot up.

then mayb ur jobless time will end soon.

-rumor not by me-

p/s: tuik again for ur blog's header image.. tak puas...

SHEN: said...

yes i love high oil price and i love wars, as long as i'm nt caught in the middle of it ~! Lolx *evil*

Anonymous said...

Just a comment, but I'm sure you know this anyway. Just notice any conflict, war rumors and so forth in the past five years, the price of this resource always jumps. It's all due to speculators, would be nice to know who they are and kill them off and have a real market price.

In the current speculation, it just went downwards since "speculated demand" dropped since people are halting projects all over the world due to financial constraints, hence "reducing demand".

Isreal has invaded Palestine before, that didn't cause a huge inflationary effect towards oil prices.

It's a good intention to have petitions and all, but those never stop any major world conflict.

Edwin Si said...

with increasing broadband penetration throughout the world, i strongly believe that ppl across the globe with universal agenda can come together as one and deliver a strong message through a well organized non profitable NGO. one example is the fight against global warming, such as the We campaign led by Al Gore and Greenpeace. With these international pressures, i believe things can come to a good ending eventually