Monday, November 3, 2008

A Sweet Surprise over Batch Outing

1st of November 2008 marks the end of all the classes, labs and tutorials I have been attending since January 2004. Long before today, we have already planned our escape. So we did, off to K-Box Ipoh Parade with PowerStation (Beh & Shen) and M2M (Jess & SM). Anyway, Shen is the ugglier one of the PowerStation duo.

After singing for 4 hours, I can finally sing like Ah-Du but decided not to go on anymore. I didn't know Jess can sing like Siti Nurhaliza and I certainly wouldn't have guessed that Siew Mei can sing like Karen Mok. But now I do. We went to dinner after that.

There were 16 of us so this dinner can be considered as our batch dinner. The final semester batch dinner! Took a memorable picture while taking the dinner. Look at Set Lee naughtily playing away with the chopstick with her lips.

I have invented a special recipe. It's a fruit cocktail of watermelon, papaya, honey dew, lychee and mango juice. These drinks hit the spot when Eling and Natasya were getting so high after drinking them where Eling had repeatedly took photo with Shen.

The guy beside me is Hun Pin, the super popular senior. Every juniors know him. For those juniors who don't know him, seriously you can go jump into the UTP lake. You have no future in UTP.

Group photo with EE gang: Wei Zhu, Me, Joel and Zhia Howe. Those absent: Hui Lan, Chia Ping, and Ashetah. My stomach buncit after over eating.

Group photo with housemate gang: Shen, Beh, Zhu Ge and Me. Eling said Zhu Ge looked damn holy in this picture. Zhu Ge bare chested WOW.

Feeding Jess with the you-will-do-whatever-i-ask icecream. Kinda regretted taking this photo though. Have caused red eye to lots of guys.

Beulah the pandi suggested for Go Kart but we were too tired back then. Sorry time je la!

Yet another victim of my secret recipe cocktail. Side effect: get high. I was even more high when I saw the picture below.

Never did I know that Jess and Shen bought a birthday cake. What a sweet surprise!

I love this photo for the spacious area on the top left corner.

Erm..I really need to emphasize on this picture. When I was about to blow the candle, Siew Mei had already put out the fire, left me with nothing to blow. Damn it.

I swallow the chocolate name plate. It looked nice but it was hard to swallow, as hard as the truth. (like what KF said)

Wonderful batch outing. I will really miss you guys for all the joy and sorrow we shared.


JameL said...

IRO IRO Restaurant ??? huhu..
i did my OM project for that restaurant..seems like u guyz having fun huh ... great great ... btw, where is ur lengloi ?? or she the one who snaps all those photos .. hehehehe...

Edwin Si said...

yupe it was at iro iro restaurant. met a few more batch mate there...haiya, leng lui x pegi ma. so i celebrate with other leng lui. ahhaha

keefoo said...

"Anyway, Shen is the ugglier one of the PowerStation duo."

i sense a cynical ploy to emphasize that you are more good looking than shen.

yes. i strongly believe the word "UGGLIER" is purposely misspelled, considering the good standard of english you actually have.

keefoo said...

"I swallow the chocolate name plate. It looked nice but it was hard to swallow, as hard as the truth. (like what KF said)"

demit i wasn't there, and yet you can still make me part of your birthday jokes.

Edwin Si said...

keefoo1: hahaha..sorry. let me rephrase my statement - shen is the most handsome guy in UTP. there is no other, NO OTHER guy that can beat him

keefoo2: hahaha (again), u weren't there but i do remember almost every words u said, especially those regarding ur love life

Benedicta*C_J said...

hey..jus wana drop by to introduce ka lu ling..;)

Edwin Si said...

ka lu ling = caroline ?

LOL xxx

Benedicta*C_J said...

ya..hahaha...gud lah u stil rmbr my chinese name..haha..funy name.

thaqifroslim said...

Looks fun. Mcm nk join je.....

Edwin Si said...

too bad thaqif not there, if not i will force him to belanja me..
im very good at this