Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Being Big Size a Crime?

Whale is the largest creature that has ever existed on earth. It is bigger than 25 elephants; bigger than a Brontosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus rex combined [1], and perhaps 500 Edwins combined. So, is being BIG SIZE a crime? Hell NO.

Then why the heck do the whales deserve this? Commercial whaling has long has its history dates back to the 17th century where BIG whales were hunted for oil, meat, baleen and ambergris which is a perfume ingredient from the intestine of sperm whales [2]. Geez..did I read intestine and sperm?

Did you know that blue whales almost faced extinction in the 60's?
International Whaling Commission (IWC) has placed a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1946 which is a consensus-based emphasis on conservation, resource management, and international cooperative standards. A ban which was implemented in 1964 has helped some of these species of whale to recover [5]. However, despite being protected, 7 of the 13 great whales continue to be endangered or vulnerable [4].

Extinction of Gray Whale
What saddened me the most is that Gray whale has already faced extinction in the North Atlantic [3] due to whaling. Despite of whale extinction, whaling continues to be an industry in countries like Japan, Iceland, France, and Norway. To be able to continue whaling in certain areas, Japan used a loop hole in the IWC moratorium to kill whales for "scientific research" reason. Perhaps a scientific research on whale bacon, whale sushi recipe?

Do It the Hard Way
We must response to these extinction for profits and whales for dollars activities going on around the world. We must put a halt to these greeds. Which is why, I strongly support Greenpeace in its whale campaigns. They have sent ships to interfere with the whale hunting in the Southern Ocean 9 times, saving hundreds of whales [4]. Probably by interfering tactics deployed such as creating huge waves by speeding past the whaling ship and using water canon to disrupt operations.

Media Campaign Paying off
Increasing media coverage has also caused the decrease in whale meat demand. Recent news have reported a 4200 tonnes unsold whale meat and closing of whale meat restaurant in Japan. As a result, Japan slashes a 20% off the number of whales targeted in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary this year [4].

A Clear Message
All these efforts put forth by environmentalist to stop whaling has started to pay off, indicating a crystal clear message: Whaling is not inevitable. It can be stopped by continuous pressure and support. A person alone may not be enough but together as a global movement, we can.

Support Ocean Recovery at Greenpeace:

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lovelyeyna said...

i read about this. somebody sent me an e-mail regarding this. it somehow makes me angry. i mean, how would those people who do the whaling feel if they are the whales? being hunted and then killed just for the sake of money...? oh, gosh... that's extremely terrible!

Edwin Si said...

ya, it's terrible but it's something we have to face.
hopefully once obama takes office he can make more sense in initiating more intense environmental protection efforts. meanwhile for me, last paper tomorrow!

lovelyeyna said...

it's really frustrating knowing that this kind of thing has been going on and on for so many years but yet there's nothing done by anyone to stop it. yes, hopefully obama will :) all the best for your last paper! :) wwwooohhooo!!! ;)

Edwin Si said...

actually whaling has been reduced by large oredy..just that part of it is still going on at this time and that's the problem.
what are u doing in samarahan anyway? =P

lovelyeyna said...

yeah, but whaling is still pretty much done anyway. i'm in another house in samarahan but i'm back in kuching oredi... yyeeehhhaaa!!! :) hehe... how's the exam?

Edwin Si said...



Benedicta*C_J said...

happy holiday to u..;)