Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Tagged by Erica (Keyword = Erica)

Hell yes, I am tagged by Erica, a.k.a. UTP No. 1. Hot Shot.
First of all, as requested by Erica, I will HAVE to list 7 weird things about myself. Then, list 7 weird things about the person who have tagged me, that is, Erica and finally, tag 7 more victims other than Erica and myself. (Why do I have to repeat the name 'Erica' so many times? Geez...)

7 Weird Things About Myself
  1. I am an ant watcher. Yes, ants. Be it black ants, red ants, honeypot ants, army ants and so on. I can stand next to a tree or sit down by the drain just to look at how the ants move. I have always been fascinated about what were they doing down there so busy moving around. I love to choose and pinpoint just 1 ant and follow it and see where will it take me. When I was young I used to insert firecrackers into the red ants' leaf nest and count 3, 2, 1. But I don't do this anymore. I am an animal lover nowadays. Sorry ants, may all of you RIP.
  2. I am a fly-sniper. I am able to use a rubber band and a ruler to kill house fly. When you combine a rubber band and a ruler, they can become a very dangerous weapon. At least for the miserable house flies. Just pull the rubber band along and attach to the ruler, aim at the house fly when it stops, and fire away. My hit percentage is as high as 80% although some flies do require a second-shot kill. If you don't believe it, try ask my roomate WeiZhu. Well, I did asked my father to bring me to the police's shooting academy but my mum had ferociously refused.
  3. I invented Badsquashnis and I am a very good Badsquashnis player. So what the heck is Badsquashnis? - Badminton-Squash-Table Tennis. I am not saying that I am good at all the 3 ball games but I am good at the combination of all the 3 games. That is, I would hold a badminton racket and hit a table tennis ball onto the wall and let it bounces back before I hit again, just like the way squash is played. It IS so cool (and weird) to be a badsquashnis player! Somehow I am the only one playing it although I occasionally do force my brother to play with me.
  4. When I was young and had a lot of free time, I took a little chair out from my room and put it next to a tree outside my house. I would sit there for a few hours, counting cars. Yes, I did counting cars. I even recorded down the plat numbers and the color of the car to see how long does it take for 2 cars to repeat the same plat number. I also calculated the probability of the car colors I have counted. I was 7 years old back then.
  5. I was afraid to look into girls' eyes. I don't know why. I really don't but I can ensure you I am not a gay although I do respect gay's right. Perhaps it's the lack of confidence. Somehow I think I am improving nowadays by looking at a lot of other places other than the eyes. as I gain confidence.
  6. I love reading history. I guess it's quite weird for people at my age. My favourites are: The holy wars, world war I & II, the cold war particularly on the involvement of US in the  invasion of Soviet into Afghanistan, assassination of presidents and also all sort of conspiracy theories.
  7. I like Shen.

7 Weird Things About Erica Ting
  1. The third blurest person on earth. Well, the blurest, as Erica had mentioned, is Tze Ling. I don't wanna argue about that. The second blurest must be Hui Lan and the third place should fall to Erica.
  2. I find it weird because Erica is always surrounded by so many guys. Hahaha...its even weirdier when I am not among those guys. She is so popular!
  3. I have once bumped into Erica when she was playing badminton. and I think from far, she looks like a giraffe, playing badminton using her neck as the racket. Okay, perhaps the weirdo is not you, it's me.
  4. She is too pretty that you felt weird to be her classmate.
  5. You know, sometimes when you see people get very high marks in the exams or tests and you score like shit, we all will tend to think that, hey this person must be a nerd/geek. When I saw Erica's test score, I said "ok, sometimes nerds are not so bad after all." Weird in a way that she's so pretty and so intelligent at the same time.
  6. She's a bit too cool.
  7. I shall keep this for the future.
No lah..she is not weird at all!

7 Weird People I Wanna Tag Along
1. Wei Zhu
2. Siew Mei
3. Aisyah
4. Ling Hooi
5. Caroline
6. Jamel
7. Thaqif
7.1 Kee Foo
7.2 Shen


Benedicta*C_J said...

hey! is that 'Caroline' refering to me??

Edwin Si said...

ya la caroline jetan

Benedicta*C_J said...

haha..u said i'm weirdo a..haha..anyway, it wud take me smtm to think bout it..cos i owes tot i'm normal..;p..

weizhu said...


anyway erica got blog ar?

as eagle say ... racun =P

Benedicta*C_J said...

hey, i tagged u back. act just wana get the 7 weird things about me from u..;)..u don have to list the 7 weird thing of u since u listed d..;)

SHEN: said...


- eRiCa - said...

wow ur tag's really complete. good one. really. haha i thought u were a kind fella when i saw ur 1st point but the moment i saw ur 2nd weird habit, i took that back =D

who's shen? guy/girl? haha btw, y u like..mengagung-agungkan me but they are categorized under weird stuff. lol but quite flattered to read them.

oh me = giraffe playing badminton using my neck? =.= LOL

- eRiCa - said...

btw, remind me to stare at u the nx time i see u. but il be sure tyng's not around ^^

Edwin Si said...

weizhu: ya erica got blog =) i know u want it

carol: ya i'll list the 7 weird things about u as a comment in ur blog later

shen: speechless? haha u r my no. 7

erica: shen is 1 hell of a leng zai. don't stare at me for too long ya...i have a super power: read ppl's mind over eye contacts

linghooi said...

im pretending i didn't know about the tag!! until.... later....

+ z e | i n g © said...

nono~ erica's blurrer than me haha!

anyway, y u like shen instead of ur bloved roomie, weizhu?:P he mus b sad :P

Shern Shiou said...

u repeatedly typing pretty how many times in this blog post?

Edwin Si said...

linghooi: u couldn't resist the temptation. i did it in the end

tzeling: i like my rumie also..we spend every night together on the bed

shioushiou: 2 times. i know its kinda annoying but i did it on purpose. anyway, something BIG is happening in lalaclub. perhaps u have heard about it but really can't wait to update u about everything.

- eRiCa - said...

wat thing happen? =D

Edwin Si said...

hehe...something big..something scandalous..

erica! give me comm sys tips..faster! i know u sure got