Monday, November 10, 2008

ATM - Automatic Time-killing Machine

It's early November. I need money and Petronas has already banked in my second last monthly allowance of RM500. 
My wallet was left with RM 2. I needed to go to meet Mr. ATM or else I would have no choice but to cut my mamak and breakfast sessions. Just before hitting for lunch, I went to the only bank available in UTP, CIMB with an empty stomach. I was supposed to see only food but when I arrived, there was so many people queueing up for the ATMs. 2 out of 3 ATMs were functional. Well, half functional.
Instead of a mere ~10 seconds-wait for the ATM card authentication process, the machines took about 50 seconds. Another 45 seconds were wasted waiting for the processing time after entering the pin number. Finally, 15 seconds for the cash and 10 seconds for the receipt. It took about 120 seconds or 2 minutes for 1 person's withdrawal. (I actually calculated the time of all those processes using the stopwatch in my HP while desperately waiting for my turn)
And there were about 8 persons lining up for each ATMs. I need to wait for 8x2, 16 minutes before I get the chance to touch the ATM - Automatic Time-killing Machine.
So I waited. There was no choice. I can't survive with only RM2 in my wallet. The only thing I can do besides calculating the time was to think of what to order and what to eat for lunch.

~16 minutes have passed...

It's finally my turn!!! I was so relieved. As I gracefully took out my wallet to reach for my ATM card, I discovered something went wrong.

No, the ATMs were still functional. (at least half)
The only thing that had gone wrong was that:

I found out that I have lost my ATM card.


Shern Shiou said...

oh.. shit happens.. you found ur card?

Edwin Si said...

no..i lost it for the 2nd time this year. called and terminated the atm card T_T

haih...dem suey

linghooi said...

omg! wow.. all the waiting n lost your card somemore.. *hugs*
then what happened to your lunch n all??

Edwin Si said...

until i get my new card, i have to:

- stop mamak at once
- no junk food
- borrow money from friends
- minimize traveling
- no ipoh trip
- not step into the cinema
- eat lousy food

mikemathew said...

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r.i.s.m.a said...

Hahhahha... its ok.. juz think tat u r fastin... ;p

Edwin Si said...

fasting + final exam = no time to blog + gastric

lovelyeyna said...

it's not that i'm not sympathetic towards you, alright... no offence, okay, but this entry got me laughing out loud... hahahahaha... i'm sori... but it's funny... i mean the way you described things that happened ;p poor zhi yan... :)

Edwin Si said...

my blog has found me yet another old schoolmate whom i have lost contact with. let me introduce her, lovelyeyna

INA is in the house!!!

lovelyeyna said...

hahaha... yes, ina's in the house and hopefully she rocks, haha ;p i've given you an award for your blog. go collect it from my blog, alright ;)