Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Art of Complaining

Few weeks ago, I went to the Residential College Student Unit (RCSU) office located above V5 cafe to file my complain against the corroded manhole just outside my house.Ya, holy shit. It's the manhole and that's the destination of all the shit and piss you have flushed down the toilet. Every heavy downpour, all these miserable 'solution' will be exploded out from the manhole. Think of McFlurry chocolate syrup rushing down from your mouth. 

The foul scent  was so unbearable that we really smelled like shit the whole week, being living together with our dumps and all that. And that's why I headed to the RCSU so that they can take immediate actions to make our ends meet. Fix the manhole, and save us.

So there was a complain log book placed at the RCSU counter. It's meant for students to log their complains. Following the procedure, I wrote my complain in the RCSU log book and pray that they will come and fix the manhole. 

I wrote: "Manhole at Village 5 Block B leaked. Please fix as soon as possible. Thank you."

Well, they never did. Although I have received phone call from RCSU officer that they are trying their best to rectify the problem, the whole house still smell like shit at least for another 30 days. I was so disappointed with the sluggish response that I started to think what could have went wrong with my complain.

So I made another trip back to RCSU office and opened up the complain log book. Here's what I have learnt the essential art of complaining:

1. BE exaggerating. If they do not understand the severity of your problem, it may never be fixed.

A) Kepas rosak. Cuaca sengak panas. PLZ tolong
B) Tombol pintu rosak. Urgent for RAYA. TQ!

2. Use creative language to gain attention from the management

One of the toilets sink doesn't sink the water

3. Third technique of complaining involves 3 vital stages:

First stage: Mitigate fault to roomate
Kipas siling rosak. Disyaki roomate yang buat sebab dia adalah orang terakhir yang menggunakannya. Dia memang tak suka buka kipas. So, berkemungkinan dia yang melakukan. If it's defect cause by human, then probably is him (roomate's name).

Second stage: Blame the makcik cleaner
Toilet very smelly. Curtains and kitchen table so dirty. The maid did not do work arh? Why we pay the rent?

Third stage: Try to sound like asshole
Extremely very super duper urgent. You guys here enjoying aircond inside the office, with no one inside but me, nothing is fanning me! So unjustified! Unfair dude!

So the "unfair RCSU dude who enjoyed the aircond inside the office" replied:

Can't understand your statement!

No wonder my complain never work! Compairing to the other complains, mine was so peanut. It wasn't exaggerating enough. Now I have learnt a better way of filing complains, I hope I have helped you understand what are the essences of making complains so we all can be a better complainer in the future. Cheers ^_^

Note: Still owing my gratitute to RCSU as my house doesn't smell like shit any more despite the long wait, that is.


Benedicta*C_J said...

so i guess ol colleges went tru the same problem. we owes hear studnt complain the staff lazy lah, din come and repair lah. but luckily i don hv a bad experience wit the maintenance staff. in fact, they wil repair it immediately..mayb cos i have master the art of complaining. haha..like tat day, i complain my fan rosak, so i buat muka kesian, tell them, 'it's study week, i cant sleep, cant study if no fan..bla2.." then they come n repair for me immediately, even tho it's oledi 4.45pm, almost time for them to go. mayb bcs its a small matter kua..

Anonymous said...

so funny! hiks~

Edwin Si said...

carol: i could think of 1 possible reason to why u get an almost immediate respond. normally guys respond to pretty girls faster than they respond to ordinary guys... haha... but normally we get things fixed pretty fast as well. Just that maybe this is an extreme case..

kinah: ya, i was laughing myself when i saw the log book too!

Aishah AR said...

One of my closest friends here complained at ITMS helpdesk and she wrote "Port internet rosak. Tolong cepat2 repair. Urgent ni. Minggu depan nak kena hantar report FYP and banyak assignment x siap lagi...bla bla"..or something like that. And it took them 3 days to get the job done. Sigh.

Owh and stop comparing the Mcflurry to any malfunction you have there in your toilet. Poor Mcflurry!! It's innocent! (suddenly i sound like a retarded Mcflurry activist)

JameL said...

edwi, i never thought that would happens..
but ur house really smelly..
i cant imagine how u guys manage to stay there...

Benedicta*C_J said...

oh..hehe..tats the advantage of being a cute girl..show our cute face then the guys wil cair..hahaha..

lovelyeyna said...

i'm not touching any McFlurry for a month, okay! oh... just why do you have to compare it to a McFlurry chocolate syrup? why? why? why? haha ;p

Edwin Si said...

aishah atos: haha...i'll see u tomoro in petronas sharing session. that is if u go. aaa...very nervous to be jobless

jamel: my room is the least affected as it is the furthest from the shit spot. i can't imagine room 5 and room 6 can even open their window while the shit spot is just next to their room. HOW?

carol: ya..i guess so. always ask a girl to do the job when it comes to complaining

eyna: haha THERE! main purpose served!

kniod said...

Was laughing my head off. Those ppl so free ,write jokes for the staff to see..you shud use similar "level" of language to express your concern instead of a nice " thank you" at the end.

Edwin Si said...

next time should write "i will give u 24 hours to fix the shit hole before i report u to management, the clock is ticking!"

too bad i don't have the chance to write like this any more...

lovelyeyna said...

or maybe not... i'm going to McD tonight... haha ;p and yeah, the log book is hilarious. it's totally funny how some people would exaggerate to the level of disbelief sometimes in order to attract attention... hahaha... ;p something useful for me to learn as well ;p

Edwin Si said...

u know what, i went to mcD too 2 days ago. haha..

i condemned the terrorist attacks in mumbai. plz vanish from earth

thaqifroslim said...

Haha..thnks to ur peanut complaint, rumah x bau lg..w'pun it took like forever.

Edwin Si said...

ya... luckily we didn't smell like shit til the day we leave utp

rofl said...

bro, how long have u been in utp?
u still dont know what RCSU stands for, and obviously u dont know whats the difference between RCSU and the RC Management,

come on la bro, dont just blame ppl like that

RCSU= residential college support unit (its a student body that helps u during ur registration la)

that one u were complaining about is the RC management la,

next time give better info ek


-- oyoie -- said...

this funny~!!!!! bad handwriting btw... ;p