Monday, October 20, 2008

UTP Talent Search Audition Result

The audition session of UTP Talent Search is officially over. The audition was set on Friday night but due to unforseen circumstances, the session was forced to a delay since most of the judges were required to attend another function at the Chancellory Complex. But that doesn't matter at all. Over 50+ participants flooded the Cultural room in Block B, Co-curricular unit, UTP on the following Saturday morning.

Talent Search Audition Result
  • Oliver Marcus Lim - Mechanical engineering 2nd year 1st sem
  • Jane Ngo - Business Information System 2nd Year 1st sem
  • Tengku Nurul Hidayah
  • Helene Girard; Joan Valenzuela; Vyner Vivian Raya (mixture of lecturers and students)
  • Abdullah Bin Zainal (Lecturer)
  • Mohd Azim bin Mohd Khalid
*The result list is provided by the committee and it is in a random order. 

Anyway, I think the forth finalist is not a lecturer but a UTP staff in Maintenance department. Furthermore, we have Miss Helene, the French lecturer in the finalist. One of the familiar names among the finalists is Oliver Marcus Lim who had successfully made it to UTP Star Search 2006 two years ago.

Talent Search in Action

Well, tempted? The finale will be this week 24th October 2008 (Friday) 8pm, Chancellor Hall. Bring your friends there, especially those final semester students. Can get ticket from me, only RM 5 per ticket. Buy 5 free 1!

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Anonymous said...

jane ngo is my junior in secondary school.. :)