Sunday, October 12, 2008

UTP One and Only Singing Competition is Back!!!

Talent Search: It's for ALL of You UTPians!
It's back! It's back! The long awaited UTP singing competition Star Search is back! This time, the competition has been re-branded as UTP Talent Search. As the name implies, it is for searching singing talents among the UTPians. Unlike its predecessor, Talent Search is open for all UTP students and staffs, ranging from foundation students to PHD students and from Datuk Rector to Mak Cik Cleaner. The judges will be as fair as a rabbit in judging the separated categories of students and staffs.
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Talent Search: The Origin
Remembering two years ago when I was heading ICC, we were spurred by the tremendous success of Euphonious (UTP Battle of the Band) and of course the full backing of Datuk Rector and several others. Despite the strong rejection of certain conservative groups, we stayed the course and carefully drafted the proposal of UTP's first singing competition with the guidance of our club advisor, Dr. Mohammed Halib. Nevertheless, the proposal which was submitted to the Students Support and Services Department (SSSD) of UTP had been lost two times in a row due to if-I-state-the-true-reason-here-somebody-from-MXX-RX-and-JXXX-will-come-after-me reason.
Hey...Watch It!
After much struggles and efforts, the event was a big hit. However, certain critical flaws could have been avoided if the organizing committee was much more experienced. I was summoned by xxxxxxx... (Paragraph deleted, reason: The author, Edwin, is still studying in UTP and thus, he needs to look after his own safety to avoid unnecessary harassment)
Why did I say that? If you have installed Google Analytics in your blog, check out your 'Search engine keywords'. And if your blog contains words like UTP or other phrase to the likes of it, you will find keywords like "UTP student blog" or "UTP student critics UTP" or "MPP is useless". Yes, don't be surprise. The management do visit our blog occasionally.  (Clarification: The latter two keywords do not exist in my blog)
Please support Talent Search!!! These are the posters for your indulgence:
Registration only RM 10 per person
Winner gets to record his/her own album! (Besides cash)
Don't miss this chance. Let your sweet vocal shine!
In the Memory of Star Search
UTP Star Search 2006 had the pleasure of having 52 participants. The winner is Saiful Darma from Electrical & Electronics Engineering. The peak of the event: President of ICC spontaneously invited Datuk Rector to sing a song live on stage with the backing of Star Search's band. Well, that's me! (thick skin + muka tebal) Again:
Support Talent Search
24th October 2008 (Friday)
Chancellor Hall
Ticket RM 5
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Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

Truly sarcastic, but truly realistic, haha ...

Edwin Si said...

haha..thanks for ur understanding. u still have a couple of years whereas i am going to grad oredy!