Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today is a sad day.
It was supposed to be a happy one because I am having the LAST week of lectures for the whole of my 5 years study.
Then why sad?
Because I met my old secondary schoolmate who happened to be a very pretty girl.
Then you should feel good! So why are you sad?
It's because She said..
"Eh Edwin, why are you so fat now?"



SHEN: said...

i wonder who izit ...

linghooi said...

u're NOT fat!! =)
cheer up yeah?!

weizhu said...

embrace the truth. u r fking fat.

Edwin Si said...

shen: u shud know who she is

linghooi: haha..thx. but u haven't see me lately =|

weizhu: ahahah sampah btul... dem it wz

- eRiCa - said...

hahaha nice twist. i really thought its cos of the final lecture =.=

Edwin Si said...'s erica who left a comment on my post! perhaps my best birthday present

(edwin ur so lame)

Caroline anak Jetan @ the cucu cicit of headhunterz said...

so who's tat pretty girl? do i noe her? the 1st name that came up in my mind is kiew tang yuan...hahaha..ur ol school scandal..;p..bocor rahsia.

keefoo said...

truth hard hard to swallow.

i agree with weizhu.

u r fking fat.


Edwin Si said...

carol: y KTY? haha it is so long dy since i last contacted her. i can say lost contact dy... but u have reminded me of her. that's good.

kf: ... haha kf. ya truth is hard to swallow. but i still need to swallow that. (dun vomit out n swallow back)

CK said...

So... How come there is no answer for that!! Who is that hah...

Edwin Si said...

ehh!!!! cheekhang har? wow... how did u find my blog?
so many years din meet u dy. miss those days. i'll tell u when i meet u

Benedicta*C_J said...

wey! not fair. u r tellg ck but not tellg me a..i ask u 1st o..

Edwin Si said...

ok, i'll tell u when i meet u too
haha..what a good excuse

gekling said...

ei... who is that ar?

Edwin Si said...

waaaa...eling left a comment
sibeh touching..
sibeh sibeh touching.. hahaha

eh dun worry eling, not u le... i mentioned 'very pretty'. hahaha..joking la..jangan marah
eling awek paling cantik kat sarawak!