Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to Change

Have decided to renovate my blog with a new template and this time, let's go DARK. Spent a few hours modifying the template though, since I am HTML-blind. I am unable to get rid off the "A Peace of Mind" located right at the picture header. Will keep trying...

Anyway, I heard using darker colors can help to lower the consumption of power by your laptop. Perhaps by turning off the signal of LCD panel in certain region to represent black color. It is noted that a monitor requires more power to display a white screen than a black screen.
Lower power consumption -> save more electricity -> preserve the environment
Save Electricity, Save the World
Few months ago, I got to know Blackle when I stumbled upon San Nien's blog. Though the name can be funny as it seems, it's actually a black color version of Google. Blackle is powered by Google Custom Search, so don't worry about the search result, it'll be just the same as Google.

Screenshot of Blackle. Very black indeed.

It is thought that although the amount of electricity saved may not be significant to reduce global warming, but every small steps and initiatives taken to raise the awareness of environmental protection should be well appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

now ppl start feeling good at being black