Saturday, October 25, 2008

Best Western Food in UTP

I have FINALLY  found it! The best food in UTP!

Screenshot from their website, Kafe Paprika

It's been a while already UTPians are starving for good food. When we can no longer stand the deprivation of delicious food, we always end up in Ipoh. Well, look no further. Your search for nice, tasty food ends at USM cafe, UTP.

Mediterranean Chicken. This is no doubt the best UTP food I have ever tasted in 5 years! Treat your taste buds with only RM 7.50. This is a MUST-TRY!

Don't worry if it looked a little empty. I was early. The cafe was packed of people, mostly foreign students at around 7.30pm. That guy with red shirt, is a Mat Salleh. Yeah, the owner of this cafe is a Mat Salleh. A genuine 'Western' food.

I think they do have 1 outlet in Ipoh but I'm not sure whether it is still there or not. Anyway the correct website address is (with the dot my)


Aishah AR said...

been hearing the good things about this particular cafe, and the 3rd picture successfully captured my interest in going there one day..

Edwin Si said...

im waiting for u to belanja me for my wonderful comment in ur blog! maybe after test or after class la...shall we? aishah belanja edwin!

Aishah AR said...

ahaha..u got her busted..edwin la belanja aishah!!!