Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wah...You're a Sarawakian!

... Excuse me, I am from Johor. Thank you. 
10 years living in Sarawak doesn't give me the priviledge to be called a Sarawakian. In fact, I was brought up in Johor Bahru and about 2 years ago, I was back to Johor again. I'm just a Johorian or to a broader sense, a Peninsularian who once lived in Sarawak. To which, gave me a pretty interesting way to look at all the wonderful things in Sarawak, at least from the perception of a Peninsularian.
No, there's no problem.
Not until I was back in Johor from Sarawak. The following dialogues were from my true life experience. Questions were harder to answer than those of the job interviewing questions.

My failed-in-Geography friend (Red)
Me (Blue)
My thoughts (Black)

"Eh, eh, you're from Sarawak ar? which part? Kota Kinabalu?" wtf.... "erm..actually I'm from Kuching and KK is in Sabah, not Sarawak."

"What? Sabah and Sarawak not the same one meh?" knn... " Sabah and Sarawak are two different states."

"Oh I see...How long have you been staying in Johor liao? Btw, how did you get here?"
omg... I really wanted to say I swam across South China Sea all the way from Kuching to JB but instead, I went for courtesy "Errm..well, I touched down 2 weeks ago."

"Waaa.. you came here by plane ar? No boat meh? then must be very expensive lor"
speechless... "actually MAS and AirAsia have frequent flights between Kuching and cities in Peninsular, and it's not very expensive." you idiot...

"Eh, Sarawak got airport ar? Haih, should go there someday for vacation. I wanna take photos with headhunters and orang utan la..."
freaking idiot. no more headhunters in Sarawak la...I was so annoyed by this guy. Let's fool him around for a little bit " can go to "The Headhunters" shop when you visit Kuching. There are some handsome and pretty headhunter models ready to take photos with you as your souvenir. If you are willing to pay more, they can wear Orang Utan suit, Hornbill suit and Gorilla suit too."

btw, i don't think he's even a headhunter

"Wow...damn cool le. Sarawak got a lot of trees? Why you all like to live up there? colder meh?" This is getting way too ridiculous. Out of all the questions but this one? Unbelivable..but it did happened. I was actually asked about this living-on-trees question a COUPLE of times! "Yupe, living in tress got nicer view ma. Can hide away from crocodiles some more. Enhanced security."

"Eh you got tipu me or not one? Sabah got a lot of crocodiles meh?"'s Sarawak you bastard!!

To be continue~ (Tomorrow 1 test + 1 progress report)


weizhu said...

u forgot to mention 1 more assignment

linghooi said...

ahahahhaha... *roll off chair laughing*
ahem.. sorry, i know this is a serious post and all, but i cant help myself!! hehe..
where on earth did your RED friend come from?? n it was nice of you to have entertained your friend with 'nice view' and 'crocodiles'!! hehe..

easternC said...

i wanna meet him~!!!!!!!!! wakakakakakakakakakkakakakaa ~

Edwin Si said...

weizhu: finally everything is over now. coming up next: CSII test 1, IACS lab report, FYP Seminar, Petronas interview

linghooi: think geography should be made a compulsory subject in SPM. and he's a friend of mine from johor..

khairil: probably you have already met him =p

kniod said... ed..dont forget you are our SARAWAKIAN tourguide in kuching k? Dun fake your identity~ =P

keefoo said... are in a state of denial. you are from sarawak. i first know you as a kuching dweller.

and somebody told me you are zhia howe's "BRADER" during secondary school.

did u sit next to him in the class?


Edwin Si said...

Sarawakian tourguide and Zh's brader huh?

DOINK: a bad tour guide anyway. mayb its bcoz im not from sarawak. that's why. hope u don't mind.

KF: somehow i don't like the word Kuching combined with dweller. I didn't sit next to zhia howe in any classes. if i really got to sit with him, then consider i CHAP DOU lo...(if don't understand ask SM)

thaqifroslim said...

OMG that's so hilarious! Still got ppl like that eh in M'sia? The pictures of the tree house make it even funnier... Kesian awangku kasman, Amy, Nono and Chai and (sape lg eh?) (;

Hmm...I'm wondering who that guy is?

Chemhoster said...

Got such Idiot on earth! I dare to bet he is the champion!

Melvin Tan Zi Hern 陈梓蘅 said...

I wonder whether this fellow is within UTP.
If yes, his/her consequence might be ...
- protected (as endangered species), or
- chopped (as dangerous species)

... well, is that too much?

Edwin Si said... be frank, let's put it this way. if i wanna lie things that are not true about sarawak, ppl here might just buy it without using much common sense. i guess its the lack of knowledge about Sarawak & Sabah

Caroline anak Jetan @ the cucu cicit of headhunterz said...

hehe..i cant believe u had actualy meet tat kind of people..if they r ol ppl, 4giveable lah, but youngster?? don they ever watch tv? wat wit airasia ad rm1 air ticket? do they expect the plane to go over the sea on a bot?? gosh!! they really need to watch more tv n newsppr..funny guy..;).. anyway, we do have nice tree house here in kem permai, rm300++ per night, nice view toward the sea..;)..fully airconditioned..promoting sarawak pula..haha..well, i'm proud to be 1..;)

Edwin Si said...

omg..caroline is that u?? almost lost contact with u dy...plz provide means of communicating


Caroline anak Jetan @ the cucu cicit of headhunterz said...

duh..i got hp ma..u dun hv my no.meh? aiyoyo...ahha..anyway, i do msn but not frequent, my email dun think so cos i dun wat is gtalk.

Edwin Si said...

hey carol, is ur number 016-xxxx849 ?

-- oyoie -- said...

wahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahhaha... stupidosssssss..... ;p