Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the Brink of Destruction

I'm on the brink of complete destruction. Ignorance and procrastination are the culprits of my downfall. 4 tests in 1 week time + FYP progress report + lab reports + FYP seminar are burning my fingers. I need a break from this hellish and torturous place. My alternative? --> Gossip @ Lalaclub. Triggered by a series of surprise findings (mostly on our batchmate, KeeFoo) , my roomate (Kerbie Abdullah Nelson Tan) and I were SO immersed into the idea of starting a new blog. The purpose is to blog about gossips. In another words, we are finding and creating a place to righteously extend our level of kaypo-ness.

Due to the fact that our excitement of spotting this particular two people could not be expressed satisfyingly to our friends, we were thinking to start a blog. First, we had decided to keep the blog as a private blog to avoid any uninvited troubles. Second, we sent out the invitations to all our batchmates at Lalaclub because only the invited's are authorized to read and to post. Third, we posted some unrelated stuff to divert  the attention so that the true purpose of this blog can be hidden away safely. But after a several posts of 'unrelated stuff' we have decided that after all, this private blog serves a bigger purpose. That is, to connect all of us together, even after we have graduated.

Nonetheless, I have kept some unpublished post as my secret weapons. Once KeeFoo commences his attack towards me on his blog, I will retaliate using mine. HAHAHA~~~~ I'm going crazy. Time to sleep. Tension.

KeeFoo, this is for you (for adding so much excitement into my life):


weizhu said...

i can hear ne-yo's closer~

Edwin Si said...

And I just can't pull myself away
Under Her Spell I can't break
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
I just can't stop
I just can't stop thinking of her, her and her...