Thursday, September 4, 2008

In Complete Isolation

No, this cannot be true. As I had been constantly convinced that we actually do have a world class facility here in the middle of nowhere, I couldn't believe that things can turn out to be so bad. Or rather, so good. Here's why:
  • Horrifyingly fast Internet connection during sleeping hours and semester breaks (and sometimes Friday prayer hours) only.
  • Full mobile phone coverage outside your room and on higher altitude. (level 3 above, preferably)
  • To avoid "big size virus" for total protection, 2MB of file or less is transferable via the Internet. For total security, slow transfer speed is available for encoding and decoding process.
  • Free english newspapers can be obtained from the residential college offices, considering the already lucrative monthly allowance of RM500 (for a record high inflation rate of 7.7%).
  • High people-to-television ratio to help students focus on studies besides complete isolation from ridiculous national news.
Now that's what I called balanced. There's good and bad in everything after all.

*edit: number of failed attempts publishing this post = 7 (5 times server not found and 2 time server error)

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