Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

If Genie of the lamp grants me 3 wishes, I would only make one. That is to turn back the hands of time. Rewinding my life to the time where I have last met you. To say those words I was supposed to tell you years ago but I couldn't find my courage. I would rather have all my happy memories undone than to bare the tremendous pain of having you in my memories. I want you out of my memories. I need you right now.

The only thing I had left of you are these pictures. I hope you don't mind me sharing it because it's worth to look at it over and over, and over again. I knew how much you loved me. I love you too but I was too lost back then. Like what Jason said, it is not until when we finally lost something then only we realized what we had lost is of so much importance to us. Perhaps he was right. I am the living example.

I could never erase that very night. You came by and you left, so abruptly. Perhaps it was 6 in the morning, I couldn't sharpen my mind to set things right. I was *impotent. You should have understood when you lie next to me, when you were so close to me listening to my heartbeats. But... my lips were heavy. I was a fool. A fool I was to let you go.

I wanted to tell you..

I missed you...

and I really regret all the things I was supposed to do but I didn't do.

but you should have came earlier, not 6 in the morning.


I hope you are happier now. Please don't forget me. and,

DON'T JUMP IN from my windows again,

^YOU bad cat!! You brought me bad luck! Because of you coming late at night into my room I had one day of bad luck. If it wasn't you who slept beside me 6 o'clock in the morning, I would have a better test result. You suck, black cat!

You could have gone to Mr. Popular, Kerbie Nelson Abdullah Tan Wei Zhu's bed instead of mine. Maybe I shouldn't blame you because after all, you were just seeking for more heat to survive the cold night. You were so naughty you slept just next to my butt. You were lucky you weren't crushed to pieces by my butt or die suffocating from my natural gases, you know they can get a little too overwhelmed when it's trapped in my blanket. But somehow you left me terrified. I never knew I could be so hairy. But it was you all this while...

*impotent --> not sexually


weizhu said...

since when there's an abdullah there >.<

Anonymous said...

Wow~ you got 1 night stand with the sexy hairy princess....ahaha~
Not bad ar =P

thaqifroslim said...

I think it was the same cat that chased me around 'meowing' for food that morning waktu sahur...Hahaha!! It was a kitten right?

Edwin Si said...

yeah it was a blacky kitten..but not so small.totally not afraid of human..

one hell of a hungry cat!

linghooi said...

ahahahaha.. i was laughing at the screen when i finished reading this!!
good company u had there, n very pretty indeed!! *wink*