Friday, September 5, 2008

Google Chrome: Chroming your way to hassle-free web browsing

HEHE...I have switched to Google Chrome.

Clean and streamlined interface

One box for everything
Serves as a web search and address bar with suggestions as you type. This is similar to what's in Firefox 3.

New tab page
Not just an empty page but comes with most visited sites, most used search engines and most recently bookmarked pages. Pretty handy for a fast browsing experience.

Applications shortcut
Web apps can be saved as a desktop shortcuts to save the number of clicks to access it.

Dynamic tabs
Drags tab out of the browser to create new windows. For me, this is just another redundant features as I normally avoid browsing multiple sites, especially at the occasions of critically limited bandwidth connection.

Crash control
I would say this is the most useful features, remembering the times when failure of opening PDF application in one tab crashed all my other browsing tabs.

Incognito mode
Pages visited using this mode will not be shown in the web history. Ultimately convenient tool for under-eighteens with tight parental controlled contents.

Safe browsing
Warns about visits to phishing, malware or unsafe websites. Does it helps to clean up my 10-spams-per-day-YahooMail? I certainly hope so.

Instant bookmarks
Save another 2 more clicks compared to Firefox. It's all about speed.

Important settings
Picks up all bookmarks and passwords from existing browser when you switched to G.Chrome.

Simpler downloads
Downloads can be viewed at bottom of the page. Pretty cool download-arrow by the way.

My star feature - Crash control by keeping each tab with different applications in an isolated processing, Google Chrome is able to prevent one tab from crashing another besides providing improved protection from rogue sites. And that is why I recommend

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