Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes I'm Alive

It's been a while. Here to update that I am still alive in my little room in Tronoh, Perak and is still rocking my world upside down.

Well I received a weird email today from my friend. It happened that someone hacked into my friend's Gmail and searched through his Gtalk chat logs and then pasted a big chunk of his chat logs with another guy in my friend's blog. It kinda freaks me out imagining when people can read your private chat history in your own blog! Out of curiosity I examined the send list of that particular email asking me to read the chat log and it was sent to almost hundred of email addresses. It's really scary.

But it has also reminded me of not talking dirty about girls when chatting with friends, do not talk behind people's back and most of all, don't be such a lewd. It's a few simple rules we need to follow to avoid such embarrassment in the future, having your private chat logs viewed publicly. Nothing is safe on the net.


linghooi said...

cool blog!!
didn't know u blogged.. =)
interesting stuff u have there!!
will drop by more often, that is, if u don't mind.. hehe..
n yes, totally second that nothing is safe on the net!! *wink*

Edwin Si said...

thanks for visiting my blog...feel free to leave comments