Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whale Bacon Anyone?

My first post mirroring Greenpeace was about saving whales, and here I am again, posting about whales. It is one of my favorite mammals and remember, I wanted to see one, well and alive. But here we go again, the exposure of the biggest scandal to hit Japan whaling industry. Result of a four month undercover operation in Japan, featured in the newspapers of Japan, the embezzlement of whale meat.

Yeah, hit them hard. Me myself, for the record, has never even seen a whale, let alone eating it. The thought of people buying whales' meat in the black market of Japan despised me. Cooking and eating whale bacon make me sick to my stomach. Why on my dear earth, would people consume a species that is facing extinction? Dear truly disgust me.

The perils of extinction is looming large. If you think you should and you want to contribute by sending an email to the Japanese government to carry out an investigation right away to put these bastards responsible to this evil behind bars and most importantly put an end to all this, then please click this and do the honor. Well, I did my part. Please spread this, fast.

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