Thursday, April 3, 2008

Y.B. V. Sivakumar, Tronoh State Assemblyman

An informative afternoon with Y.B. V. Sivakumar, Tronoh State Assemblyman

After several days of arrangements with the busiest man in Tronoh, we finally met YB Sivakumar today (3 April 2008) for our Malaysian Studies project: The 12th General Election: Focusing on Batu Gajah Constituency.

A memorable moment with the hopeful 1st Indian Dewan Undangan Negeri speaker in Malaysia.

"This is a democratic country. We don't want Radio Television Ab
dullah, we don't want ISA, we don't want .. what democracy are you talking about? You control the newspaper. Let everything come out in the newspaper. Let the people decide. " are the wise words from YB Sivakumar when we asked him about what are the factors that contribute to the victory of the new coalition party. He was so willing to share his views with us that the session was no longer an interview session. Instead, it became an inspiring political talk. Not only he had answered our interview questions, but he had educated us, teaching us what is right and what is wrong from his viewpoint.

I like his attitude towards politics. YB Sivakumar adopted Mahatma Gandhi ideology where Mahatma Gandhi refused to be the prime minister of India even after he had successfully gained independence for the country from the British Colonialist. YB just wanted to get his job done and does not wish to play any dirty politics to disillusion the voters to keep voting for him in the next General Election. He does not craze for power and even if he is not elected again, he will continue to serve the people. YB Sivakumar is one of the few people who show an exception of the saying 'the more power you hold, t
he less willing you are to let go'.

At the door to Y.B. Fong Po Kuan office in Batu Gajah

I am glad I have met him.I was inspired by him. Let's hope he will do good to the people of Tronoh as he promised. As a man who has just embarked on a great journey of politics, I hope he will always be reminded and avoid the 7 deadly sins suggested by Mohandas Gandhi:

"Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, science without humanity, knowledge without character, politics without principle, commerce without morality and worship without sacrifice."

Way to go! YB Sivakumar...

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