Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tribute to Ashetah

In my class of Multimedia Networks today, I found this on my notes:

Well this is clearly not my handwriting. If I was the one who wrote this and then post it on my blog, then I am indeed very self-obsess. (although i am)

I suspect this is the work of the girl sitting next to me. Fortunately or unfortunately, she is Ashetah, my lovely, sexy, hot, bitchy, pretty 5-year-coursemate. I felt so bad when I have rejected her... for attending my presentation today.

Well indeed she is the prettiest girl in Tronoh, Taman Maju, Kampung Bali and Pusing. Wow... and I have regretted for not sending her my photo to be used in her Professional Communication Skill presentation, titled "15 most eligible guys in UTP". Yes...I truly regretted that. If it was my topic, I'd certainly put her in my "15 hottest girls in UTP" list.

Today is a very special day.


Because I have met someone special...


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