Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toyota Carbon Emission

How far is Toyota from European Union carbon emission target at 140 g/km by 2009?

It is glad to hear that Toyota has vowed to achieve Zero carbon emissions in the future. The direction of the automobile industry has been made clear thanks to the cutting edge EU emission target enforced by EU. Since then, the definition of good cars has been redefined. This changes how the manufacturers respond to the market and the buying habits of consumer.

Prius is Toyota's benchmark in leading the direction to greener cars. With 5 doors, over 100 horsepower and a top speed of 170 km/hour, Prius is emitting just 104 g of CO2 per km. That tiny little amount of carbon emission is perhaps even lower than the CO2 released by a single cigarette.

I only get to know how much of CO2 is released by smoking when I get to know KeeFoo, here's the calculation:
1 cigarette = 20 puffs
1 puff = 5 g carbon
20 puffs x 5 g = 100 g/cigarette
1 20's Dunhill = 20 cigarettes,
KeeFoo = 1 pack per day
Amount of carbon emitted by KeeFoo = 100 g/day

However, unfortunately, Toyota have also been one of the big manufacturers driving the sales of SUV in Europe with models like RAV 4 and Landcruiser. These SUVs have high carbon emission per km. It's confusing. You built green concept cars and show the world how important it is to cut carbon emission but on the other hand, you are pushing the sales of high carbon emissions SUVs. As long as there is a market for it, profit, as always, will be the priority in any business.As GreenPeace said it, with the latest generation of Toyota concept cars including the Urban Cruiser SUV it looks like zero emissions might still be a long way off.

2006 Toyota European Performance
Sales weighted CO2 average : 153g
Share in carbon emissions : 5.67% *
Share in vehicle sales : 5.91% - 848 000

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