Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ceylonese, Chinese, Sudanese

This picture was taken during ICN 08 with my Ceylonese wife (Ceylonese are from Sri Lanka), Ashetah and my Sudanese baby, Roshan. How come my baby doesn't look like me? Ooops...

Actually I was sitting next to a Sudanese guy (I think he is). He brought his wife and his 16 months old son to ICN. I brought two super duper hot chicks too, Beulah and Ashetah. Too bad there was no triple seats for the 3 of us. We wouldn't have spotted the Sudanese baby if it was not till the Thais have left. So we were just staring at the cute little baby all the while, we wanted to ask the father to let us carry the baby around, but we were just too shy. Out of a sudden, the father handed his baby to me (maybe he couldn't stand our gaze anymore). I was like 'oh my this for real? ok..when was the last time I touch a baby??' I wasn't sure if I can actually hold the baby properly.

We were playing with him for about 15 minutes. He wanted to bite Ashetah's camera. Maybe he was hungered for milk...chocolate milk... ^_^!! Ashetah oh...Ashetah...At last, I handed the baby back to his father and we said goodbye... Goodbye my love.

Anyway, I know this picture will create a lot of controversies. ^_^

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