Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sun Yeong Wai roasted duck

Reason to blog about this restaurant:
The roasted duck here is seriously nice...
The variety of food here is amazing...
The price is reasonable
What else can you ask for?

At the Petronas station (near Medan Gopeng) traffic light, take a left turn. Go straight (about 1km) , the restaurant is located on your right.


Life in UTP, lunch and dinner either at V5 Cafe nasi lemak kukus or Tronoh, eating the same food over and over again. It's time for food exploration in Ipoh. Desperate~~ la nowadays. Oon Huat, Pink shop, TaiBoMui, Nasi lemak kukus, only 4 choices. Some more eat with same people everyday..u think sien or not??

Suggestion: YB Sivakumar, we need a McD in Tronoh...

oh ya...this restaurant is not Halal.

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