Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something Special, Ipoh

My friend ShernShiou pasted me this link and he said 'Let's go'. It was a Sunday with couples of due dates on Monday to meet. Without even thinking once, and 'Let's go' we did, all the way from UTP to Ipoh. Besides the fact that we didn't think, we didn't look at the map either. We had spent 20 minutes looking for the shop and another 20 minutes eating in the shop. Thanks to my Opera Mini, we were lucky enough to find the it.

The food here is really cheap, perhaps cheaper than Tronoh aka UTP's Toronto

This is what i had ordered


If your wallet is running thin, this is the place for you to get cheap and nice food. Although there is nothing special about this shop except the price of food here, I will still come back here if i'm low on budget. ^_^

Food Index: 6/10

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