Saturday, April 12, 2008

Problematic Water

We have heard about all sorts of problem in UTP: food, cafe, allowance, internet, mIRC, DC++, Euphonious, excessive entertainment, dress code, segregation, theft ... blablabla...Well, is raining a problem in UTP too?

Heavy rain blended the new academic complex and the Tronoh rain forest into a perfect panorama for a perfect evening.

Staring out from the window of my room, I was enjoying the scene of a terrific waterfall while drinking a cup of hot soothing Tronoh white coffee...

The nightmare began when the rain stopped. The waterfall has got nowhere to escape. The water was stagnant and now I have got no way to get out from my room.

I've checked the other side of my house. Seems like I will have to stay in my room for a little while before the water starts to subside.

We have got enough lakes in Tronoh and UTP. We don't need so much lakes. What a serious flaw in the design of our hostels. The truth that I was stuck in my house had reminded me the fact of being stucked in Tronoh for already 4 years. =(

This photo was taken at the neighboring block after the rain had stopped for almost 1 hour. Seems like it's not getting any better.

UTP Satisfactory Index: 45 (Down by 5, again)

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