Monday, April 7, 2008

Matrix card incident at Euphonious 2008

Here's the story behind the matrix card incident where a bunch of security guards were checking students matrix cards at the entrance to Euphonious 2008 before letting them in:

Security department claimed that the organizer (ICC) had been selling tickets in UiTM without the approval of the management. To prevent any unwanted problem to surface, only UTP students with matrix cards are allowed into the Chancellor Hall.

ICC did NOT sell any Euphonious tickets in UiTM. ICC wanted to do so since the first Euphonious, but the management (Student Support Services - SSS / JPSP) did not agree, so ICC had no choice but to drop the plan.
The truth is, the participants were buying tickets for their friends in UiTM and families so that their beloved friends and families can witness their performance.

What happened:
Due to the matrix card issue, some students went back to the room and never came back. Some simply went to Ipoh. Some waited outside. Some who came all the way from UiTM, Ipoh, Penang and KL were rejected entrance by the security guards. They had no choice but to continue to wait outside.

Who saved the day:
When Datuk Rector came, he was surprised when he was told that the security guards had been blocking ticket buyers without matrix cards to enter the hall. He made a phone call to the security guard Captain telling them to back off. The security guards dispersed after the call. Those who were denied earlier gain their access to the hall.

Mission accomplished:
A phone call. A liberal call.

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