Thursday, January 17, 2008

Map to UTP, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS

Going to UTP EduCamp? Convofair? Euphonious? Here's some information to help you get to UTP. (UTP here means Universiti Teknologi Petronas. Not Universiti Tronoh Pertanian or Universiti Teknologi Putra or some say Universiti Tenet Perlahan)

How to get to Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP):

UTP Location Map: Perak, Malaysia

How to get to UTP from the Utara-Selatan Highway?
If you are traveling by car on the highway, look out for Jelapang exit. If you are from the Penang direction, look out for the JELAPANG exit. There is a new toll plaza not far ahead of the old one, which have claimed so many lifes. Safety in the expense of longer distance.

If you are from the KL direction, there should be no problem. Just look out for the GOPENG or JELAPANG exit. Taking the Gopeng exit should save you more money and time. You will pass through the town of Batu Gajah before you finally get on the Ipoh-Lumut express.

UTP campus is located in the middle of Ipoh-Lumut Highway

After Jelapang Toll Plaza
After you exit from the highway, what you have to do is look out for LUMUT signboards or UTP or even MARA signboards because all the signboards are pointing you to the same direction. You will reach UTP before you reach Lumut. After you exit the toll, the estimated time to reach UTP campus is about 50 minutes. Distance between UTP and Lumut = ~50minutes and the distance between Ipoh and UTP = ~40minutes.

After the toll exit, you will reach a TEE junction. Turn left and go straight (2km) until the FIFTH traffic light, then turn right. Go straight (35km) until you see UTP. Pretty easy stuff.

You Are Almost There
Towards the Lumut direction, you will see a big, tall sign to the likes of this on your right:

Take a right turn at the traffic light to get to the main entrance of UTP campus.

Yes, you have just found civilization surrounded by Paleolithic villages. Congratz.

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Anonymous said...

thank you! its very informative and helpful.

Ying said...

Thanks for your information.. Then from penang to UTP is around 3 hours??

Edwin Si said...

from Penang to Jelapang toll is around 2 hours. From Jelapang toll to UTP is slightly less than 1 hour. So yeah, its around 3 hours

Anonymous said...

what is TEE junction?

Anonymous said...

If i were to take a bus from kl..where will the bus take me? Ipoh or any buses direct to utp from kl?

Manesh said...

Hi Edwin, I love your map. Can I use it for UTP Brochure? It will be very helpful .Thank you

Edwin Si said...

go ahead and use it