Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ipoh Woolley Food City

If it wasn't ShernShiou who have been so eager to bring us exploring the food of Ipoh, I wouldn't probably have the chance to spoil my taste buds with the wonderful crabilicious crabs in the seafood stall near Woolley Food City. To make things worse, I don't have to pay a sen for all the spoils that goes into my getting-bigger-everyday stomach. It was ALL on our 'great leader' - Kim Jung Shiou. I praise you, my great general.

Among our victims were fried sotong, lala (this is shell-licking-good), and 3 huge crabs, fried with oyster sauce. Slurp...slurp... Having to stay in Tronoh where the food is good for nothing is a torment to us. To further satisfy our insanely accumulating food lust over the weekdays, we also had porridge, muachi and some mysterious noodles. (I don't know what's it called)

While we were eating away satisfyingly, something happened. With the thoughts of 'ok, i might blog about this later', together with my Sony Ericsson K800i, I went over to check out what was actually happening. So, this was what I saw:

Can you see what's in the picture? Holy shit, the fish with leopard skin was trying to SWALLOW another fish into its sick stomach. Although it was indeed very similar to what we did to our food, I found it utterly disgusting. The poor fish which was being swallowed alive was quite big in size too. This leopard fish eats like a snake, yulks!

There you go. Almost done swallowing the victim. The leopard fish was having difficulty to float after taking such big meal. If it wasn't for the large amount of food we have eaten, I would have ordered this leopard fish to be steamed. 1 bill 2 fish, very worthy eh..

Woolley Food City is located near Canning Garden, behind the Shell petrol kiosk opposite Fatimah Hospital. I will certainly visit this place again, soon because almost all of Ipoh food are available here.

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