Saturday, April 12, 2008

Global Warming. It is killing me, and you.

The extremely hot weather in Tronoh had made me to think HARD.

Yes, I know global warming today is serious and it is a threat to everyone.
Yes, it is important to fight against global warming.
Yes, I wanted to stop global warming.


No, I have yet to participate in any activities nor projects to help reduce greenhouse emission gases.
No, I still don't practice carpooling.
No, I am using plastic bags everyday.
No, I do not plant a single tree since I have gotten into UTP.
So...what is the problem?

Let's face it. The truth is inconvenient. It is just not easy to being green. Just by showing some pictures of glacier melting to warn against climate change won't do any good to reducing global warming. I know the ice are melting, but I cannot FEEL the effect right now. People will not take any actions if they cannot see the need to do so.

Decades after the signing of The Kyoto Protocol, things are not being improved. In fact, it has got worst by the day. It sends an awakening blood cold message: Whatever we are doing currently or in the past to fight against global warming, it is NOT working. It is time to change our strategy. You can't just hold on to something that will never work out. Don't push the same, wrong message harder. It's just not easy to be green.

We need to think big, think green and think scientifically in this battle. Being individually green is not sufficient. In my point of view, there are 2 solutions out there to save the world:

1. Green Engineering
2. Geo Engineering

I'll blog about this in the future.

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