Monday, April 14, 2008

Geo Engineering

Geo Engineering simply means:
  1. Rearrange the earth environment on a planetary/huge scale
  2. To suit human needs and promote habitability
  3. Serve as the last resort to curb global warming and massive natural disaster
While the effects of Geo Engineering to the earth are still unknown, scientists are beginning to look into this new possibility in the battle against climate change crisis. Although we still do not know whether Geo Engineering can bring any adverse effect to the environment or even make global warming worse, the fact that this new field has already been given a considerable amount of attention shows just how critical and desperate the situation has now become.

Just to name a few sounds-crazy-but-workable ideas of Geo Engineering:
  • Using orbital mirrors to bounce sunlight back into space
  • Fertilizing the oceans with iron to amplify their ability to absorb carbon
  • Painting roofs white to increase solar reflection
  • Reflecting films to be laid on the dessert or plastic islands deployed in the sea to reflect sunlight
  • Massive reforestation - so far this is the only idea which is not creating any controversies
  • Releasing vast amounts of sulfurous debris into the atmosphere to create a haze that would keep the planet cool
  • Artificial cloud production
  • Pumping liquid CO2 into rocks and deep sea
It is claimed that Geo Engineering is able to compensate for a doubling of the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. I was terrified after watching 'The Inconvenient Truth'. Again, it has made me to think hard.

If we cannot win this war against global warming and human survival on this planet is threaten, Geo Engineering might come in handy, at least to serve as a last resort. Even though the effect of Geo Engineering is still unknown, we are better off if this emerging field is fully developed before anything worse than Katrina or heat waves really hit us again.

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