Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ask Canon's CEO to focus on saving Whales

You can help too! Join me in writing a letter to Canon's CEO Mr. Mitarai in a campaign to have Canon live up to its reputation as a defender of wildlife by condemning the Japanese "lethal whale research program." I have written one!! Just click the link above.
My reason to join this campaign:
  • I have never seen a whale before.
  • I wanted to see a whale. Not in pictures or videos, but the living one.
  • The world will be incredibly less beautiful without whales.
  • Whales have serious extinction threat.
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children --- Want to save whales? Save them NOW!


sannien said...

Hi Edwin, I stumbled across this blog of yours this other day and I think it's great! We should all do our part in saving the world! Keep it up with all environment-saving posts! I, for one, has submitted this letter in their call to stop whaling. Peace! It's in my blog too (, this stop-the-whaling thingy. Let's spread the word around!

Edwin Si said...

Thanks Sannien. It's glad to see there's another greencious (green-conscious) people around. my friend easternC blogged about this too. Well, i have added ur blog to my blogroll. let's keep in touch!

p/s: i know intern has always been the best time to start a blog =)