Thursday, February 7, 2008

10 Ideas that are Changing the World

#1 Common Wealth: National interests aren't what they used to be. Our survival requires global solutions. Malaysia National Interest (only the government): Send a man into the space; Global: Send a man to Mars.
#2 The End of Customer Service: With self-serve technology, you'll never have to see a clerk again. Will I see my lecturer anytime soon?
#3 The Post-Movie-Star Era: Get ready for more films in which the leasing man is not 'he' but 'who?'. Soon everyone will get a chance to be a movie star.
#4 Reverse Radicalism: Want to stop terrorism? Start talking to terrorists who stop themselves.
#5 Kitchen Chemistry: Why the squishy art of cooking is giving way to cold, hard science
#6 Geoengineering: Messing with nature caused global warming. Messing with it more might fix it
#7 Aging Gracefully: Forget conventional wisdom; gray-haired societies aren't a problem
#8 Curing the 'Dutch Disease.': How resource-rich nations can unravel the paradox of plenty
#9 Women's Work: Tapping the female entrepreneurial spirit can pay big dividends
#10 Beyond the Olympics: Coming: Constant TV coverage of global sporting events

From TIME March 24, 2008 issue

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