Saturday, November 10, 2007

What you see is not what you get

Lately, i am quite concern about people with the inability to process information from the internet. i can see a lot of people obtain and accept the information at almost the same time, without going through the digesting phase first. On the net, what you see is not necessary what you will get sometimes.

When we were told that the elections are fair, we should ask ourselves in the opposite, how fair is that? Similarly, when we were told that we should reform our electoral system, we should ask ourselves: why reform and how can we reform so that the country remain peaceful to continue to attract global investors to our economy.

We should act from the basis of data, not from our emotions and perception. If we approach things with perceptions, then we can only see what we wanted to see. The ability to see any situations as a whole, from different angles and point of view is perhaps the most basic concept every educated individuals know and yet the hardest concept to be applied in life.

Now, at least, i will try my best to neutralize myself and put more eyes and ears around myself to see and listen more before i speak. In fact, we were born with 2 eyes, 2 ears and a mouth, and that shall be the same exact proportion when we see, listen and speak, 2-2-1.

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Shern Shiou said...

Too bad we have 2 hands which conclude the proportion of our body is 2( ears ), 2( eyes ), 1( mouth ), 2( hands ). Which also means people dare to type ( or blog ) more than we speak...