Saturday, November 10, 2007

Watch Al Jazeera, don't watch RTM

With the latest and hottest political issue in Malaysia debated and discussed all over the internet, all sorts of photos, footage and articles were flying around in the virtual space. Not surprisingly, all pro-government medias are again instructed not to report on the Saturday afternoon perarakan. Watching the RTM prime news, i could not even heard a single "bersih" word.

Come on, what in the world is this? Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia should know that they can't just block the information from flowing freely by stopping the media from reporting the news. In this information age, news don't just rely on newspapers, radio and tv to be spread around.

The harder you try to block information from flowing, the easier it gets to spread. This is one of the important nature of information after the Millennium, well, before Millennium it's another story. When people can hear all sort of things on the net and none of it was mentioned in the local news, people will start to guess: "is the government trying to hide something from us?", "is the government afraid of Bersih?" Blocking simply just don't help.

IMHO, i think the government did this because they do not want this to affect the peaceful life the citizens are having now. If everyone knows about this, people might simply jump on the bandwagon and follow the campaign blindly without even knowing whether our electoral system is truly fair or unfair, which is going to make matter worst. But simply blocking the information was wrong. Instead, the government should broadcast the situation and explain to the citizens what the hell is going on, even if the reports slightly sided on the government shoulder, it is better than not reporting it at all.

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