Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tao Autocity

I went to this place in Autocity, Juru called Tao Cuisine, thanks to the invitation from few of my friends of whom you can see his name on the picture below. It has lounge located together with the restaurant as well. My first time to Tao has already cost me RM48 inclusive of the newly implemented +RM3 in exchange for expanded menu and yes...inflation. The decorations for the whole building were very...soothing, somehow it reminded me of those prostitution house aka. raban ayam back in China's Qing Dynasty. =D..as if i have been there...

Anyway, back to the topic. The food was superb la..I remember eating 3 plates of salmon, 2 plates of Unagi Don, 1 plate of "Emperor's beef rib" or something like that which 3 of us couldn't finish 95% of it. In addition to that, that rib cost around RM25, which was written on the menu and which i think should be around RM25/3 = RM8.33. The rule is simple, if you don't make reservation by phone, you don't get to eat. Tao Autocity: 04-5017826

Okay..here's a photo of Tao Autocity i have grabbed from wei zhu without his permission and serve as a promotion to his blog site...
Well, the restaurant is located upstairs, so you'll need to do some climbing XD
(This is quoted from wei zhu as well, yes there are 2 levels as you can see, so we have to climb)


Shern Shiou said...

Jalan2 cari makan with shernshiou.. yeah!! i am the originator of bring friend to buffet cuisine..
hurm next stop, Marche Movenpick?

mandelism said...

dem shernshiou never bring me :( sedeyh2
dah banje dier makan subway...hahahah

edwin..brapa itu tao paying u :p

nak makan gaaaaak!!!!

Edwin Si said...

one bad thing bout tao autocity is no leng lui waitress. That day there were 1 indian guy and another indian girl serving us.Probably Tao provides after business meal to its employees...no wonder everyone has a big......size