Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mr. N. Ganesan

How did I know him?
On the Tools for Problem Solving under Komag USA and Problem Solving Process training at ARGI training center in Krystal Point, Penang.

7 Step of Problem Solving

Course Synopsis
The 7 Step systematic approach to problem solving is applied to solving chronic equipment problems. The course proceeds in a step by step manner from problem definition all the way up to institutionalisation of the improvement. The emphasis is on a systematic approach and the use of data, the need for clarity, the avoidance of assumptions, observations, understanding of specific failure phenomenon, the mechanism causing the specific failure phenomenon and validation with trials. The strength of this course is in its tested and tried approach - it really works.

What makes him amazing?
To me, he is important. If the university taught me about engineering knowledge, then he had taught me how to be an engineer. He pointed out one of the common weakness among Malaysian engineers - Unable to seek clarity and simply jumped into quick conclusions. I quickly applied the 7 steps problem solving process in one of my project and it did make a lot of difference. The project, although was quite dull and boring, turned out to be rather interesting. I was able to approach the problem systematically. I like one of his concepts that problems are like onions. One problem consists of many underlying causes. To find out each of the underlying causes in order to expose the true root cause, we need to peel the skins of onion. One by one, level by level, we can solve the problem once and for all.

I recommend the "7 Steps Problem Solving" training for fresh engineer like me.

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