Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IT Professionals Annual Income

How much do IT Professionals earn annually? sourced from ZDnet Asia

Malaysia: RM 62,000 = 18,508.02 USD
Thailand: THB 995,000 = 31,487.137 USD
Indonesia: IDR 105,000,000 (looks like millionaire here) = 11,469.2824 USD
India: INR 670,000 = 16,994.293 USD
Hong Kong: HK 410,000 = 52,673.314 USD
Philippines: PHP 540,000 = 12,561.64 USD
Singapore: SGD 65,000 = 44,863.85 USD

From this benchmark salary, seems like if you are or going to be a Malaysian IT professionals, then you are better off working in Thailand as the pay is almost double of what your employer in Malaysia is giving you. And if you failed to get a job in Thailand, you better become akua or bapuk or pondan or whatever they call it.

IT salary in Malaysia and India also almost match. Should ask those people in the mamak stall go back to India and become an IT professional, rather than serving maggie goreng or nasi goreng babi as some of the Chinese like to prank them by giving order like maggie goreng babi, roti babi, nan babi or mee goreng mamak babi

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