Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honda Jazz Sent Malaysian to Space?

I do not know whether this is true or not but i have read the Akta Kastam 1967, Perintah Kastam(Nilai-nilai kenderaan Motor yang diimport pasang siap) 2006. You might want to dispute this but i find the exact same price mentioned on other websites.

Here's a car i extracted from this list of 455 types of imported cars:

Honda Jazz 1.5 VTEC
Selling at ~RM 103,800 has a CIF* value of RM41,627

*CIF - Cost Insurance Freight= includes the cost of the goods, the freight or transport costs and also the cost of marine insurance, EXCLUDING tax.

  • Considering a generous RM7000 profit for the car seller, RM103,800 - RM7000 = RM96800
  • RM96800 - RM41627 = RM55173 profits for the government for every Honda Jazz you buy.
  • As CNN reported, the cost of a Malaysian astronaut to fly to space with Russia is $25 million = RM 83,713,542.74.
  • With this amount, (RM83,713,542.74 (fly to space cost) / RM 55173 (Honda Jazz tax)), we need to buy 5518 Honda Jazz to generate the cost to fly to space.
Not so expensive to send an astronaut after all huh?All you need is to buy 5518 Honda Jazz and I believe there are more than 5518 Honda Jazz in Malaysia. Let's support and buy more Honda Jazz to send more Malaysian to space. Impian Menjadi Kenyataan.

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