Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dr. Paul Mullenix

Dr. Paul Mullenix,
Managing Partner, SystatS Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

From the U.S., Dr. Mullenix brings a wide range of experience from over 20 years in the fields of Statistics, Quality and Customer Service. His background spans Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Management, Academics and Customer Relations. Both in the U.S. and Malaysia, he has served in large multinational organizations such as Harris Semiconductor, Intersil and ChipPAC as Director of Quality Assurance & Reliability, Director of Customer Service, and Senior Staff Statistician. Before joining industry, he was Assistant Professor of Statistics / Mathematics at the Univ. of North Florida and held Vice President and Treasurer offices in a state chapter of the American Statistical Association.

How did I know him?
attended one of his training - Design of Experiment (DOE) at Inti College, Penang in early November. It was a 4 days training and since it was a statistical training, i thought it was going to be really boring. After all no engineer with sanity will love statistics. Well, he proved me all wrong since Day 1.

His Own Style...
Dr. Paul has his very own greeting, and it was good. He greeted people like they were the only person he was concerned about at that point of time. His lecture was interesting, he has a sense of humor and he didn't pick on victims to answer his questions. He knows most Malaysians are shy and reluctant to answer any questions, although we have the right answers in mind.

How cool is he?
I brought my 2nd project, Carbon Intevac CpK improvement project and did a little discussion with Dr. Paul. The next day, he came to me with the data analyzed and told me what were the project's potential problems and so on. He had a flight to catch at 8pm and he was willing to stay back after 5pm to talk about my project. He even asked me whether i will be available after 5pm.

I mean, this is my project and i am the one who is supposed to ask this damn question right? How cool... At last day of the training, we stayed till around 6.30pm. Upon his departure, he said i am going to be a good engineer because i can make great presentation slides. My presentation slides?? Haha...this is the first time i had received such comment and probably will be the last as well.

The DOE training
The training is superb, taught me from zero to everything. Okay, a half-zero. The DOE training was meaningful with all the important theories explained, examples given, hands-on experiments were conducted in a number of groups.I can now design my own experiment, from the methods of collecting data, analyzing data using Minitab, computing p-value, interpreting the main effects and interactions, to drawing correct conclusions. Thanks to the wonderful training by Dr. Paul. I'm looking forward for more of his trainings.

How to contact SystatS Consulting or Dr. Paul:

SystatS Consulting Sdn. Bhd. (540622-H)
Level 9(C) Menara UBSA
Persiaran Damai, Seksyen 11,
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

yes...I have to agree with you Edwin. I had this workshop past few days with him. Enjoyable, knowlegdeable and he clear up problem to a very simple example to provide me a very good understanding of designing an experiments. I would to give him 5 stars upon 5. I would have better grades during varsity if I had have him as my lecturer..hhehehe

Edwin Si said...

yeay totally agree...if only i had lecturers like him.. sigh... if only...