Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bersih, sponsored by DiGi


...and what the heck is that? Today i heard from wei zhu there is a perarakan from Dataran Merdeka to Istana Negara at 3pm and apparently, he got the news from al-Jazeera, not RTM or TV3 or whatsoever. i have never heard of Bersih and probably it's because i rarely read the newspapers or participate in any forums. =(

From mouth of others, the campaign is about keeping our elections fair to preserve the democracy of the country. Well, the nature of the campaign is good, and i would definitely throw myself into it but i would like to find out what is the reason that such campaign exists in the first place. It would not be a good idea to blindly support the campaign just because the objectives claimed by the organizer are intended to do good to the citizens of Malaysia.

What if there are other intentions behind the campaign? What if the opposition just want to come out with something to beat BN in the coming elections? Our minds can be very creative when we are challenged and losers can be very creative as well, when they know they can never win the losing battle.

I would like to see the black and white supporting the fact that our elections are not clean and unfair. Any statistics or surveys or papers or analysis from the experts would be very mind opening. If the election system is indeed unfair and dirty, please correct it before every Malaysian go politically Taiwanese.

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